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What is the most unique or interesting compliment you have received?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) June 21st, 2009

Today someone asked me if my eyes are real. When I said yes she asked if I have had them all my life. It was a very interesting exchange. What is the most “interesting” or “unique” compliment you remember receiving?

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“You’re walking emphasis”. Definitely the most unique, interesting and sweet.

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@supermouse Well, have you? Had them all your life? haha. I can’t believe someone would say that.

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It was a long time ago when my daughters were little, in fact when we only had two of them. After watching them playing at a children’s party, a woman (who I later got to know well) said to a supervisor – I don’t know who they are, but they must have remarkable parents.

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I was in the mall one day a few weeks ago in this store called “Zumiez.” A few friends friends and i are always in there because we love their clothes. We were trying on bathing suits and modeling them for each other by the dressings rooms. one of the male employess came back and asked if i used to be a model, i told he was being nice so i blew it off and just asked why he asked. He says my ex girlfriend was a model and they told her she had a fat neck and i was looking at your collarbones and they are amazing, you should model with them.

So having someone tell me my collarbones were amazing was quite shocking.

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“Are you real?”

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A couple of times women complemented me on my voice, especially my phone voice.

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“Nice hair.” I have shaved my head since 1996.

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“You don’t look 50.” I hope that didn’t mean I actually looked 60.

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“CIndy clearly has gifts for ministry”

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Some strange ones to date are:
“You have the nicest teeth, so white” and
“I like your elbows”
And my personal favourite from some drunk girl in a nightclub bathroom:
“Wow you are so tall, are you natuarally that tall?”
(my response)
“No, i put on leg extensions for the evening”

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@chyna “You don’t look 50.” I hope that didn’t mean I actually looked 60.

You don’t, not even in dog years. :)

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@DarkScribe aw shucks. Wait, was that a compliment? :)

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People always ask me if I have contacts also. They change color and are sometimes bright green or bright blue, I dunno…Many people have hazel eyes.

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Hah. Someone made a comment on my teeth once. Something about how they were so white I could blind something with them…I don’t even remember the rest of it. But I liked it. :P

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I once learned that someone cautioned another someone “not to fall into my eyes . . .” I guess I took it as a favorable remark, but in looking back, I guess I’m not entirely sure . . .

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Some may find this strange but to me, it was validation and very complimentary.

I have never had children, other people’s kids are fine but I never wanted to make the commitment of having children of my own. This decision often resulted in people making comments about my selfishness, the fact that I am not a complete woman and so forth.

A family doctor, who is very respected and admired in the community once asked me about it and when I told him I felt I was lacking in maternal instinct and didn’t want to make that lifelong commitment, he said to me, “How wise of you to know that about yourself and not succumb.”

I do love puppies though, I have lots of maternal instinct towards them, guess that lends credence to the bitch tag!

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“You make even Leviticus interesting.” I teach Old Testament, so that’s really a compliment!

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I have had compliments about my eyes my entire life, but the one that makes me uncomfortable is when someone asks what color they are and then gets right up in my face to stare at them. They list every color like they are reading some secret text. Where the heck am I supposed to look while they are doing that? It’s weird.

I have had the clavicle compliment and was told I should show it off more often. ??? “Hey! Show off that area above your boobs, no.. no, below your face. Graceful neck? No, honey, little bit lower still.”

I guess the strangest one was the waiter who complimented me on the chicken pox scars on my face.

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“You’re not that big a dick…”

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Someone once complimented me on my teeth by saying,
“Wow, you have awesome teeth! I bet you get through meat really quickly!”
That’s right, I was complimented on my teeths ability to shred food.

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I have trouble distinguishing between words when people talk. This leads to occasional amusing misunderstandings (“I have to go to the bank today” “What? You have to order a steak fillet?”), but is mostly just exasperating. My friend once said “You hear things in your own language, and I love it. I wish I heard things in that language.”

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A friend of mine once ran over a squirrel without actually hitting it with a tire. When she looked back in the rearview mirror, it was freaking out and flipping around like a fish out of water. She told me it made her think of me. I was touched. (Squirrels and I are not friends.)

A couple of weeks ago my therapist asked me if I ever wore braces and when I said no she gushed about how perfect my smile is.

When I was eighteen, I was in NYC with a couple of friends. We went to see Naked Boys Singing! as our graduation gift to ourselves. Anyway, the show had just ended and we were standing outside the theater while one of my friends was on the phone with her mother. This extremely large (tall and heavy) man with a badly scarred face approached us and said to me very politely, “Excuse me, I was standing over there and I saw you and I just wanted to tell you I think you’re really beautiful.” I stammered some kind of ‘thanks’ and he smiled (which looked a little scary because of the scars), said “You’re welcome” and went away. I was embarrassed by it because my friends were there to see/hear it. If I’d been by myself, I probably would’ve talked to the guy. I bet he was my soulmate or something and I totally missed my chance. :(

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Someone saw a snap of me shot this past week and remarked that my face looked like porcelain. I felt extremely complimented by it, seeing as I wasn’t wearing makeup when the photo was taken and my skin is not exactly in its best condition at the moment.

@MacBean – Is there a club for us with naturally great teeth? :D No one ever asks me about it, nor have I been complimented on them, but I’ve never worn braces either and my teeth are all straight as well.

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“You’ve made me retarded”

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The most common one was always about my (red) hair. The weirdest one was that I have nice feet. The loveliest one (received twice by two different men!) was that my naked backside looks ‘just like a painting’. :)

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