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Which is better for webpage creation Frontpage for Windows or Dreamweaver from Adobe?

Asked by teresacuervo (30points) June 21st, 2009

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Dreamweaver. handsdown.

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dreamweaver, but you can also get it from macromedia.

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I haven’t tried frontpage, but dreamweaver is a vey good and easy to use program. A similar alternative to that, though, is Microsoft Expression Web 2.

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I don’t know… it depends.

If you really like the retro mid-90’s look go with Frontpage. :-D

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Dreamweaver by a mile.

And @tiggman93; there is no more Macromedia. Adobe bought them out about four years ago. Dreamweaver and Flash are now part of the Adobe Creative Suite (currently on version CS4).

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Between the two programs, Dreamweaver wins hands down. The quality of code produced is much higher, the development effort in each subsequent version is much more than Frontpage, and it integrates wonderfully with the rest of Adobe’s product line for a streamlined pipeline of development.

It’s a good rule in general to avoid Microsoft products if you can.

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dreamweaver its a professional standard program, if your looking at doing it professionally mention the word frontpage and you might simply be laughed at. no offense

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