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For a power user what email service would you recommend?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) June 22nd, 2009

I have used Gmail for a long while, having email from a few of my domains redirected to the account, and then setup those email addresses as outgoing identities on Gmail. Yet I decided for and have been using the most advanced paid service for about two years now. But one thing that really, really annoys me, is when I am on the move without my computer and local mail client — I am stuck with an antiquated webmail interface. And even worse, is mobile access. I can get to the webmail interface with total compatibility on my Nokia browser, but it is just not practical, I have lots of steps to get stuff done, I don’t have a quick glance at all my emails, I can’t easily use different identities, and so on. I am seriously in need of something better. But I would like to be sure before I moved back to Gmail. What is your take on the subject? Thanks a lot.

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Fastmail has a lot of advanced features like filters, auto reject, bounce, edit the sender very easily, ,... but now that I think of it, the reason that really took me to fastmail was IMAP, before Gmail offered it. Now, what I’d like to have, is real practical consolidation of my almost 10 different email identities. Opinions appreciated. :-)

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I really can’t see using anything but gmail, especially if you want a consistent interface across devices.

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I would recommend Gmail. I did use MobileMe for awhile. It’s a good service. I never had any spam. And it’s push email if you have an iPhone.

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find a highly rated, tier 1 webhosting company, buy a domain, and use email that way

with VPS hosting you’ll have MORE control over email options

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