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How do you set a biological clock?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) June 22nd, 2009

How hard is it? How long does it take? What are some good strategies?

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Wait- do you mean internal clock? because my biological clock keeps telling me to stay out of the gene pool.~

my internal clock, i set it by forcing myself to get up at a certain time. Also, using light and proper lighting to my advantage.

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I think the only certain way of setting your ‘biological clock’ is to simply grow into the habit of going to sleep at a particular time and then waking up at a particular time. To begin with this will be difficult and you will likely have to make extra efforts to see to it that you wake up at the correct time (i.e. leaving your curtains open, placing your alarm clock across the room etc) but gradually it’ll become easier.
Alternatively you could stay awake for an entire day then sleep at the time you wish to become regular for you. This idea however involves alot more caffeine and doesn’t offer the benefit of helping you develop a habit of waking up at ‘such and such’ a time.

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My biological clock was fried about 20 years ago, (three was enough) but that doesn’t stop my husband and I from pretending :-)

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@eponymoushipster ; was that a slam? I’m pretty hot for a 48 year old!!

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@Judi no, no slam. but it’s like thinking about your parents “sexing”.

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we are all ageless here.

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@Judi ok, but don’t tell gailcalled that. lol

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It’s called conception, and it’s really very easy. Our “biological clocks” are determined by our genes. If you want to set/change your internal clock, this article on Chronobiology
might be of interest, or you might want to know about Circadian Rhythm which is the term for roughtly following the cycles of light and dark.

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I think some of us are just better able to do this than others. My father was one who would awaken at the same ungodly early hour every day, no matter what. My husband’s father was like that, too. Me, I have about a 5-hour wake-up window and can’t guess the time to the nearest hour without a clock. Time changes across time zones don’t bother me much. One of my aims in life is to get to the point where a calendar is all I need.

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Don’t eat before 12–16 hours of the start of your day/when you wake up. Not necessarily get 12–16 hours of sleep. Just don’t eat. Then when you wake up, eat a healthy meal.
This jump starts your biological clock thinking this is the start of a new day.
Read it in some scientific study, it should work.

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