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Why do I feel more tired after I wake up in the morning ? Why are my dreams so Intense ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 23rd, 2010

I wake up in the morning, not feeling refreshed and energized, but feeling even more tired and my head hurts.

I’ve always had insomnia ( since elementary believe it or not ) but it has been getting worse and worse.

I have dreams every night and they feel VERY INTENSE AND LUCID. When I wake up my head hurts and I can’t shake the feeling that my dreams are getting too intense, once that I woke up and had to question myself about the dream because it was so intense.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong here? Do I just need to relax ?

I want to have normal sleep, and that doesn’t seem possible. I daydream a lot and I don’t want to go crazy feeling my Dreams are more REAL THAN MY REALITY ITSELF. Thanks.

Thoughts ????

I know a lot of people have Lucid dreaming. I just don’t like feeling really shitty in the morning with my head hurting.

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This happens to me, as well. I heard recently that there was a study done linking excessive REM sleep to depression. I wonder if your stress about the dreaming is intensifying the problem, because sometimes that happens to me. Try not to think about it in the evening and focus on relaxation techniques like meditation or a warm bath. Hope this was somewhat helpful… good luck :)

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The more stress I have, the more intense the dreams. And, the more tired I am in the morning.

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someones been watching Inception I think :P

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You need a doctor.

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LOL !! I did watch Inception :P But I’ve had this issue way long before that !!!

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Thanks @Tobotron , I will get a totem to remind myself I am in face in reality :) lol.

@mrentropy – Do you think this is a serious issue ? Like a psychiatrist or psychologist ?

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I’ve had this issue about very intense lucid dreams, and trouble distinguishing my dreams from reality. I can tell the difference between here(now) and when I’m asleep, it just gets blurred sometimes….............. and my head really hurts a lot when i wake up.

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@Scarlett Possibly. I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist or psychologist so I couldn’t answer with any certainty, but I don’t think it’s normal to have insomnia since elementary school (I don’t know how old you are, so that could have been three months ago for all I know) and wake up with headaches when you do sleep.

Waking up with a headache could be as simple as being allergic to something in your bedding, or it could be a medical condition. You could be sleep walking. You don’t mention if you’re on any medication for your insomnia. I believe there’s at least one product on the market where sleep walking can be a side affect.

If you are stressed, since you said “Do I just need to relax?” then you should relax. If you can’t relax then you may need a visit to a psychologist.

What I do know is that even if there’s a genuine doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist on this site there’s only so much they’d be able to do. Nobody else would be qualified to even try to diagnose it or give you any direction (myself included).

And any doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist would probably recommend that you see a professional about it.

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@mrentropy – I’m 20 right now and it started happening when I was around ten in elementary school. I can remember staying up at night just thinking and not beling able to sleep. I’m not on any medication right now, except for sleeping pills, and even before sleeping pills I’ve had fucking up sleep and sleep-issues. But thanks anyway for your reply, I’m going to talk to a proff. on monday and get this sorted out, because it is controlling my life now and I know it’s not right.

Oh and yes I am very stressed out, so that could play a big role in my sleep habits.

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@Scarlett I see in another thread that you’re taking Ambien? That was the drug I was thinking about when I mentioned sleep walking.

Just to be thorough, you may want to check on that.

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Consider doing a sleep study. Your symptoms sound like the result of sleep apnea (the inability to breath properly while asleep).

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@Scarlett on a serious note I used to have pretty typical sleepless nights when I was at uni, would you say you have a lifestyle that could affect a normal sleep pattern? Would you say you were stressed?

When I’ve been stressed before (exams etc) its made my dreams very very vivid once I woke up across the street frantically knocking on my neighbors door in my boxers screaming about how I’ve destroyed the world lol although that’s so far proven to have been a one off occurrence.

In the UK we have sleep clinics, if you have the same service where ever you are you can get booked in by your GP and they will monitor your sleep and behavior and no doubt be able to categorize and help you very effectively.
Hell I’m even getting that treatment and a free op in a few months time to stop me from snoring, gotta love public health care!

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try to remember your dreams, maybe you’ll realize why their so intense.

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@mrentropy That’s a scary article. Thanks for sharing.

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If I am under a lot of stress I clench my teeth at night and that can cause headaches and bad dreams.
Also, if I eat spicy snacks before bed I have nightmares! I cannot eat salsa b4 bed!

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Maybe your going to bed too late at night? and your maybe stressed which could possibly cause you to have intense dreams.

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I’m a couch potato, no doubt about it so I feel a little cheeky mentioning exercise. A little might make a difference to sleeping if you don’t .
A bath then a couple of crackers and a milky drink before bed always used to do it for me. It diverts some blood flow from your brain to your stomach, enough so it promotes drowsiness if your brain is over stimulated. There is also Camomile tea which works for others. Another thing you could do is not sleep and read a book. Relax it’s ok not to sleep if you can’t. Tossing and turning just stirs you up. I’d consider getting some ant-allergy bedding in case that’s why you have the headaches and lethargy. Also a sleepy time herbal pillow.
I really hope you get it sorted out. I’m lucky. I can sleep standing up. They do say though that those that sleep less live longer.

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