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Is 30 dollars too much for an iPhone 3.0 unlock?

Asked by warpling (846points) June 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I need to unlock/jailbreak a first generation iPhone with 3.0 software. I am fairly confident doing it on my own, but have a local shop that can do it for 30 dollars. Worth it?

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Nope. Not for me.

But it really depends on your trust in yourself.

I’ve done 2 fairly easily.
Total copout answer…

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Yes, it’s free software. Just do it yourself.

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No! Unless you can for free

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And please specify what way you want this question answered. I answer yes, as in it’s to much. And tink said no as in it’s not worth it.

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Dude, I meant it wasn’t too much

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I mean yes too much money. Mine was completely vague.

And out of curiosity, what is this store?

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@dverheyHmmm I wonder too
I don’t think thats alot.
But if you can do it yourself it would be better

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I didn’t think it was that bad after seeing so many offers to pay for a similar service online. I tried jailbreaking my own iPhone almost 2 years ago and majority messed it up. With a bit more googling and encouragement from you guys I found this though and I love these guys and how simple this made everything. Exactly what I wanted to do…
I think I just saved myself 30 bucks! Thanks!

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Oh well Good Luck

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Still, I’m curious. What is this store?

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I have jailbroken twice. No mess ups at all. It’s super easy. Use pwnage.

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He doesn’t want to tell

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