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Is Netflix instant streaming content sufficient?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) June 23rd, 2009

I have an Xbox360 and interested in getting netflix but i’ve been told I might be disappointed in the amount of titles available for streaming video

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Ya I like it a lot. Def worth it. Just started watching two new shows on it. Love it.

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I think you can look around at the site even if you’re not a member, can’t you? Poke around and see what’s available.

For what it’s worth, my queue is currently 363 items long, and 112 are available for instant viewing.

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I watch movies and television shows every night on netflix streaming. I’m never at a loss to find something. I recommend it.

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the very very latest stuff isn’t available for streaming, if that’s what you want, but there is quite a bit of content available.

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There’s plenty to watch. If you’re just looking to be entertained, not to watch specific movies it’s great. But I would say less than 10% of the movies and shows they offer are available instantly, and it seems like the ones that are available on instant watch are some of the less popular things.

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What are you interested in? There are a lot of documentaries, for example, but not everyone is interested in documentaries.

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They have lots of shows and some movies available for instant watching, but don’t expect any of the “latest greatest” stuff to be available for streaming. Still, there is a good deal of content and you’ll probably find something you like.

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They are adding lots of new content every day. I am watching it more than regular TV. I am watching it right now actually.

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I’ve found that there’s enough streaming stuff that I can usually find something to watch, but the strength of their library is in rare and unusual DVDs.

If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute stuff, you won’t find it in their streaming collection. It’s probably more accurate at this point to look at the streaming video as a nice bonus to the DVD delivery service, rather than as a main reason to subscribe to Netflix. But their streaming library is growing, so that may change in six months or so.

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I’ve used the Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ option on my home computer for several years now. Like everyone has already said, there is a large and satisfactory amount of content already out there but they continually work to add new movies and programs into their streaming option so that is a benefit also that will pay off later.

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