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Do medicated acne facial cleansers have the same effect as medicated creams?

Asked by juniper (1905points) June 25th, 2009

It seems that you just wash the cleansers off before the medication (salicylic acid, for example) can really soak in.

Does our really skin absorb those chemicals that fast?

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in my experience, no.

i used various “medicated” face washes with little effect. Then the doctor prescribed a medicated, alcohol-based antibiotic, which you don’t wash off, and it worked much better. it was pretty cheap, too, about $14 US.

talk to your doctor.

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No. Also they are often quite harsh and can exacerbate acne.

The golden rule with acne is seek medical advice as soon as possible, that way you reduce the risk and severity of any scarring.

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None of these things ever worked for me , so i would say no but it could be different strokes for different folks .

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Probably. My advice is do not self-medicate. Have your doctor recommend a dermatologist, and you will receive quality advice.

Be aware, that creams and lotions can become contaminated and cause even worse damage. Stick to mild soap and water three or four times a day.

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