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How do I rotate my tires on a FWD?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 25th, 2009

People told me to just bring the Front tires straight back and the rear tires straight up and others told me to crisscross the rear tires when bringing it to the front….

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you can really rotate them any way you want but i have found that the best way is to bring the front wheels back and cross them so they will wear evenly.

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cross the front or rear?

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Careful now! If your tires have directional tread you should just go front to back – never cross. Look at the sidewall. If they are directional there will be an arrow printed on the side. I repeat. Never cross directional tires! It’s causes the end of the world as we know it.

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If your tires are steel belted radials, you will destroy the treed if you cross them. Changing the direction of rotation causes the cords to separate from the the tire base.

You can also look here.

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if you have normal non-directional tread, i would cross the fronts.

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I would just move the front to back & the back to front. I would not even want to think if my tires or friends tires are directional or not :), so if you don’t cross it you are always safe.

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On a front wheel drive car, the back tyres last longer than the front. I buy new ones for the back, and move the backs to the front. Old front tyres are always quite worn, and aren’t always worth keeping.

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I rotate tires on every oil change to insure even ware.

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