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What are some must-see sites on Google Earth (I mean the obscure ones)?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 26th, 2009
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I’m interesting in following this to see if anyone posts anything interesting, because I only know 2 so far:

The Nazca Lines in Ica, Peru:

14 deg., 42 min., 2.97 sec. S and 75 deg., 8 min., 25.74 sec. W

Weird lattice lines in Gansu, China:

40 deg., 27 min., 27.71 sec. N and 93 deg., 23 min., 0.41 sec. E

There’s more weird stuff in that same area around:

40 deg., 29 min., 16.57 sec. N and 93 deg., 29 min., 26.51 sec. E

Also in Gansu, there’s more bright white lines:

40 deg., 27 min., 9.5 sec. N and 93 deg., 44 min., 34.41 sec. E

I use DMS, by the way, obviously.

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After doing this, it seems a lot easier to use decimal degrees now…lol…that way you can just type in the coordinates to Google Earth easily. Sorry about the first post, just ignore it.

Here’s a cool one in Nye County, Nevada:
37.401437, -116.86773
Scroll around in that place and you’ll find other cool crap.

Here’s one in Italy:
44.244273, 7.769737

Those other ones I posted in decimal form:
Gansu 1: 40.457544, 93.392601
Gansu 2: 40.478255, 93.478384
Gansu 3: 40.452310, 93.743718
Ica: -14.702508, -75.147773

Car driving on a wall in The Hague, Netherlands: 52.069207,4.3139865

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Gigantic triangle in northern Michigan: 46 degrees 21 minutes N, 84 degrees 48 minutes W

I don’t know what it is. It’s unmarked, and there doesn’t appear to be any buildings around. It’s large enough to be seen from many miles above the surface.

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Gansu 1 really is interesting, wonder what it is?
Gansu 2 looks like a runway
Gansu 3 lookes a lot like #1 (make people make roads?)

Love the dead bunny!

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Check this one out 40.084940 -83.123401
This one is cool if you zoom in real close (like fractal photography) 46.189831 -84.249698

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Here’s some cool ones:

Brain in the ocean off the coast of Malaysia: 2.684930, 108.571778
Meteor in the Netherlands: 52.230528, 5.169245
Red Spots in the Netherlands: 52.231058, 5.161940
Flying saucer in the Netherlands: 52.087501, 5.115427
Giant ripple in Mexico: 16.902583, -99.971175
Romanian icicles: 46.198371, 21.347942
KFC logo in Area 51, Nevada: 37.646201, -115.750845
“The Highway to Nowhere” in China: 30.915524, 121.822944
Netherlands Camouflage Mosaic: 52.248633, 4.439308
Ripply Belgian Bridge: 50.838830, 4.341282

Not sure what it is with the Netherlands. Weird country. :P

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