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8-11 electric socket changes?

Asked by Sarcasm (16793points) August 7th, 2009

I was watching a movie on Hulu, and I saw a commercial.
Simple green background with a standard Type B (American) electric socket.
And then the little grounding prong, the part that looks like a D, expanded, and became more of a parenthesis. And then the numbers “23” and “8 – 11” show up.
Like so

Anyone have any clue what this means?
I tried googling it but the only relevant results ended up leading me to spyware sites :|

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I think that 811 is for the phone number. Kind of like 911…
link might help
I don’t know what the 23 means.. :(

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8–11 is probably August 11, when the “secret” is revealed. I found some blog that said they clicked through and it takes you to the Chevy Volt website.

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