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If there was no central government and each state was its own country where would you live?

Asked by JLeslie (60805points) June 26th, 2009

When I think about this question I know immediately where I DON’T want to live.

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Probably where I live now, which is Oregon.

The midwest and the south would be completely out of the picture. I couldn’t see myself living there as it is now.

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California, where I live, is beautiful and fairly progressive, as is Oregon. On beauty alone, I would also consider Hawaii, tho I know little of the politics and laws there. I would probably decide to stay right here in Los Angeles (I’ve lived here my entire life).

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I would RUN out of the south…I live in TN now. If there was no check and balance of the federal government, most importantly the supreme court to adhere these people to the constitution—who knows what they will make law. California would be appealing, variety of climate, terrain, diverse population, and generally liberal, but I have never lived there. I would probably go back to Florida.

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@JLeslie…Florida is much too humid. I say come west, until you hit ocean.

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I have always lived in Arkansas and to be honest, I’d probably stay here unless things just got ridiculous quick. This state isn’t quite as progressive as others but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad.

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Arkansas still has some southern dems…I know a few…and somehow that state produced Bill Clinton so it must be ok.

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Where I live now. California is practically its own country as it is. In fact, if California were an independent state it would have the tenth largest economy of any nation in the world.

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I’d have to see how it all shook out, but Minnesota isn’t a bad place to be if you’re a far left liberal such as myself.

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@AstroChuck…You are correct, and just think, we would have a Republican actor as our head-of-state!

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California hands down. That’s where I live now. Like people have said, it could be its own country. Ditto @AstroChuck. It has all the landscapes of the U.S.: agricultural grasslands, evergreen forests, snow-capped mountains, 800 miles of beach, and dry desert.

Although I would make many a pilgrimage to the Republic of Nevada. That would be one wacky country. AOC of 16, legal prostitution, legal gambling…crazy place. I was born there and I still have an attachment to it.

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Im moving to the boonies in Alabama. Maybe I am partial to the south because I have spent most of my life here. Maybe I might want to marry my kissing cousin. I need authentic sweet tea, unsweet cornbread, greens, and beans cooked with pork in my diet. I also like the west coast specifically Oregon. Other than that states I have been to and hate are Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, D.C., and Maryland. Too many smart aleck yankees in those state/countries for my liking. I also do not care for Arizona. Sure some parts of it are pretty but mostly it looks like the surface of Mars or the Moon. I mean I like a green landscape not brown with piles of rocks and cactus as landscape.

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I’d probably stay right here in Massachusetts.

We’re fairly progressive (gay marriage), have some of the best hospitals (Brigham &Women’s, Mass. General, Dana Farber) and universities (MIT, Tufts, Harvard, BU, BC) and we have an advanced high tech sector.

We’re also very ethnically diverse (although some areas are a tad segregated), great food choices (minus Mexican), and some amazing museums (ICA, MFA, Museum of Science).

Massachusetts is historic (by US standards), has some great sports teams (not that I follow them), and, we actually experience all four seasons (although Spring is questionable).

Hey, I just realized, I love my State.

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I would probably stay in Texas. After all, it has had the most experience of any of the continental 48 at actually being its own country (1836 to 1846).

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I’d bet NYC, where I live, would probably become its own country. Most Americans think it practically is already! :D

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I live in California now and I pretty much hate it. I’d probably want to live somewhere in the mid-west, maybe Montana, Colorado, one of the Dakotas, or quite possibly Texas.

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