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Atlanta for the weekend. How can I get a feel for the city?

Asked by booksnbeer (7points) June 27th, 2009

I currently live in Austin and want to see the parts of ATL that could convince someone to live there. I don’t care much for the fanciest restaurants or the tourist attractions (don’t worry, I’ll tour CNN and see the aquarium at some point…)

I want to know the coolest places to eat, drink, walk around, and explore.

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Little Five Points is a cool little neighborhood with art galleries, neat little stores, cool bars, clubs, and places to eat.

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For a taste of americana, check out Champ’s clock shop

It’s an amazing place!! Just bring some earplugs, because over 1000 chime at the same time!.. This place has been the focus of several human interest stories. He has some of the most unusual clocks you’d ever hope to see. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see this one

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I wouldn’t recommend going to Little Five Points. A lot of people have been getting held up at gun point around there lately. It’s a cute little part of town, but it’s not worth wasteing a day on. It is a pretty cool place to go if you’re into the modern hippie/grunge scene though. Just be careful.
I would, however, recommend Midtown. Especially if you have kids or dogs. They have a really lovely park (Piedmont) there and you can see the buildings raising out of the trees. There are a bunch of cute little pubs there and they’re very gay friendly.
Coca-Cola’s pretty cool too. They have a really cool room where you can taste soda’s from around the world. They also have some really cool historical coca-cola artifacts, including Warhol sketches, definitely worth the $15 bucks it costs to get in. Very nice and convenient location as well.
If you go down to Peachtree Street you can go to The High Museum or Fox Theatre. Both of which are really nice if you’re into the art scene.
Zoo Atlanta is worth the trip. They have pandas! X-D

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