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Do you enjoy family reunions?

Asked by hug_of_war (10735points) June 27th, 2009

I am trying to get out of one today. I hate heat/humidity, there is no one my age, I don’t know half the people or how they are related to me, and I’m an introvert and dislike large groupss of unknown people.

So tell me about your experiences.

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I enjoy parts of family reunions. Generally I can find someone I like to talk to, there are activities to do and good food to eat. If that is not the case, I bring a lawn chair, an umbrella for shade, and a good book, and simply smile and greet everyone who stops to talk to me.

Most of my relatives are pretty decent folks, but they sure do like to drink a lot of beer.

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I do if they are with my father’s side of the family :)
When it comes to relatives, I do cherry pick and go where I’m comfortable, no guilt. The best reunions have been wakes, seriously.

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I do if it’s my husband’s family. My family…? :shiver:

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I don’t really like going to my husbands family get togethers, it just feels weird. Only because his family dynamic is so much different than my family. I feel like I can’t be myself, because they’re just I guess much more conservative. They do enjoy a good party though, which can be fun when alcohol is involved.
I don’t mind doing things on my mother’s side of the family, but there is usually a huge fight between some of my aunts and uncle. My father’s side doesn’t fight at all, no matter what, they’re more laid back. We haven’t had a get together with them in years :(

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Yup I love them we all get together have a good, moan, laugh, cry, giggle there are heaps of us and we range from 85 (grandma) to 5 months (youngest great grand child) LOTS of fun!! However I am not sure my other half enjoys them as much as me!

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Extended family reunions are ok. It’s good to know the people in your extended family.
Who knows? You may even meet someone in your family who is awesome.
It’d be a shame to pass up that opportunity.

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I only go to one reunion. We have a big picnic at my cousins lake house. Then we swim, boat, ski, ride waverunners, and have summer fun. There is a golf cart used to ferry old people around the place. Me and some like minded cousins usually commandeer the golf cart then ride down the road around away from the family and burn some doobies. Fried chicken and bbq hell yeah.

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I don’t know much. I’ve only had one full family reunion. That one involved my relatives from Russia coming over and my cousins in Germany coming over along with all my main relatives in the United States. I was 14 years old when we did that one and I didn’t really mind it as long as there were kids my age, which there were, since I already knew my cousins, it was nothing new to me. But it did introduce me to some people that I hadn’t seen since I was 5 or so (and thus didn’t remember them) and they ended up being really cool and I’m Facebook friends with them now and such. Yes, it was in Las Vegas in the summer, which is hotter than hell, but I was already used to it becaused I had lived for 11 years and we had it at this resort-hotel area and at my house (which had a pool). :P

Other than that, I’ve been to several smaller family get-togethers over the years in various places: Lake Tahoe, my vacation home in Carmel, Reno…those have all been good, though not as many people. I don’t have any yearly family reunions or anything like some people do, though.

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I want to go to @buster‘s family reunion. It sounds like way more fun than any I have been to.

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@hugofwar: that’s as good as it gets I’m afraid. Not knowing anyone means you’re lucky enough to be able to hide from most of them. You could be even luckier and go entirely unnoticed, perhaps even sneak off…I’m usually in the centre of my family reunion conversations, whether I’m there or not, so I’m not as lucky as you :(

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No. But then I don’t have any family.

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they always end up fighting….

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my neighbours have just ahd a party for their 1 year old and I heard the family arguing through the window!! Needless to say I needed to shut the window asap the languge!!

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No. I really don’t like them, in fact, I’ve avoided most of them and felt no shame in doing so. It’s usually a time when I know that if I go, someone is going to piss me off and I’ll remember, quickly, why I haven’t gone to a reunion in years.

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I was looking forward to one, but then my cousins didn’t show up so it ended up being just like the one you described with old boring people.

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I’ve never been to one. The closest I’ve even been to was my Grandmother’s memorial service in the middle of a redwood grove in California months after she died. My family is not big on family. Perhaps that’s because we’re all so spread out over the world, and there aren’t very many of us. Between my wife and I, three of the four of our children’s grandparents were only children.

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Yes, very much so.

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Hubby’s: not so bad.
Mine: UGGHH DO I HAVE TOOOOO?? There’s no fighting or anything, just incredibly boring and awkward.

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I haven’t gone to many but my experiences are much the same as yours.

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