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Is there a stealthy method to find out the political stance of a relative?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7592points) January 16th, 2021

Want to check on political views of some cousins before I assist them on pulling a family reunion together. If they’re Trump fans the hell with it?

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A cousin friended me on Facebook yesterday and we talked about maybe pulling a family reunion together in June. After I agreed it occurred to me that I really don’t care to drive all that way and have a ballyhoo over politics. Is there a way I can find out her political affilliation without her knowing? A jelly friend suggested I check her Facebook page but that failed to show anything. And yeah, if that bunch are republican Trump fans I won’t be attending. If we can’t have fun then what’s the point? Figure if I know ahead of time I can bow out peacefully. Oh, you know, sure would like to be there but I have four flat tires on my truck, and just recovered from Covid and the Black Death. Luv ya Cuz, sure wish I could be there..that way no one gets butt hurt and I’m not the evil family ogre. Any ideas?

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Wow, an apolitical Facebook account! Check out their other Facebook friends, or other social media? Ask other relatives whom you trust, who might know more about them? Google them. Use Google Maps to see if there are any pictures of their house during recent elections that show political lawn signs?

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The apolitical FB page might be a good sign… but even if they’re fine themselves, there’s also the question of how are the rest of the folks who would show up.

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Only relatives I have who keep in contact with the cousins are sisters and they have big mouths. I never really gave a rats butt about extended family anyway. All my cousins were female and they always had it out for me because I couldn’t get along with thier dink ass boyfriends. I don’t know might just go and keep my yap shut. Maybe I’ll luck out and they’ll be Dems..Doubt it they live in Alabama.

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It’s a shame your family’s political stance matters for a reunion. Seems pretty weird to me. We talk family history and lineage, meet new babies, eat, play some horseshoes or go boating. Can’t recall ever discussing politics once.

If you want to know how she feels ask if they’ll be watching the inauguration or if they want to do a quick facetime call. Any mention of it should elicit a telling response.

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Since Covid will still be around in June, just use that as your excuse and don’t go.

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Ask if masks will be required.

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Good ideas folks thanks to all. @KNOWITALL I agree with your post as far as it being a shame. But I have heard horror stories from friends about big arguments in their own family circle over politics, and I don’t want to deal with it. These are unusual and tense times we’re living in.

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