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Will Yahoo! ever return to the level of success they once enjoyed in the 90's?

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No. Their time is over. I think it’s rare for a website to make a comeback, usually they are just replaced by something new.

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My Magic 8 Ball said, “Most Likely”.

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No, google trampled the living sh*t out of them

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Very hard to predict, if they ever find a gap in the market and fill it well. But as the questions says “success they once enjoyed in the 90’s?” I’m guessing not.

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Success? I never used yahoo. Not even for email. It was always always too cluttered.

o wait, i take that back – back in the day they actually had monopoly tables and I would beat the living crap outta some people…. never listen to me when I try to sell you Park place in exchange for the light blue monopoly and trade red, yellow or green for orange. I will stomp you. muhahahaha


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Google is a verb now. It is going to be hard to beat that. Pretty much Google needs to have a monumental fuck-up for someone else to come close to them.

Look at this.

Guys in a basement are going to have a hard time competing with that. And yes, I know that is how they started.

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@jp O.O :drool:

lolol @ google provided transportation device!!!

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Not nearly the success they had in the 90s, but I absolutely swear by Yahoo! Finance , especially the currency section. my parents live in Europe, I live in the UK, and we travel back to the US a lot.

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Well, not Yahoo!, but Yahoo Inc. may launch a new site that reaches a high level of success. Their current products are outdated, but It’s a company with a lot of experience, so i wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with something awesome.

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No, Google will dominate until the next best thing.

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i think the web is going in new directions, constantly expanding all over…if they keep changing to fit the times then maybe yes….was not geocities recently closed…on the other hand is yahoo pipes a new thing, it looks quite 2.0…...i am leaving my yahoo mail…i also use fluther instead because it has a more fun format than answers…

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I agree with steven

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Yes, I think so. They try hard, like Avis.

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