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Are there any famous people or celebrities use fluther ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) June 28th, 2009

You always hear them say they use Facebook, Myspace Twitter . But do they use fluther if not why ?

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because Fluther is not famous enough. And for the record, they “use” myspace, facebook and all that in the sense that they have a profile managed by somebody else to give some “common person” feeling to the masses

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Andrew has been in a iPhone commercial and other stuff. And Veronica Mars.

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You mean besides me?

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I think Andrew looks like a young Tom Hanks.

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I know Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was a friend of mine. Andrew is no Tom Hanks.

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@filmfann – lucky for Andrew!

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Well, he’s no Kennedy, that’s for sure.

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Milo here: What am I? Chopped liver?

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All of us here are celebrities. If it weren’t for us, there would BE no fluther.

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@Milo; well, you are what you eat.

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@Jayne I wouldn’t call Milo a mouse. He will eat you for that remark.

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big mouse

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SuperMouse???? Now that would be something!

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I’m a porn star. My name is Buck Naked.

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@eponymoushipster- You need to give Buck Naked his due.

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@AstroChuck i ghostwrote Teenage Pussy from Outer Space. Firsthand experience is the best muse!

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so you were using your first hand?

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that question really makes me think…

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At last count, we had 26 celebrities, and nineteen other famous people on fluther. Check it out. You’re probably already talking to some of them. Just ask them their real names. You’ll see.

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I am Lindsay Lohan.

please kill me

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@boots you’re doing a fine job on your own.

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@boots You’re lindsay lohan? But your icon is a baby duck, and I heard she likes chicks…

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I am Ralph Waldo Emerson. Oh, wait. That means I’m dead, doesn’t it? Ok, scratch that. I was lying, anyway.

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I’m a legend in my own mind. Does that qualify me for celebrity status on Fluther?

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@Bluefreedom, merely being Bluefreedom qualifies you for celebrity status on Fluther!

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@SuperMouse. Thanks for the kind words. Very nice. =)

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matt brown is famous
published sci-fi author and everything:)

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@prude- Apparently not famous enough. You spelled his name wrong. :)

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My dad says I’m a star!

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Emma Bovary, C’est moi.

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@AstroChuck I have a prob w/spelling, but he is famous enough for you to realize who I was talking about and to tell me I spelt his name wrong:)

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Zebra, Astrochuck and daloon are celebs in my book. Couple others, but I’ll start with those guys.

Then, like the Nobel winners vs. Megan Fox thread, there are teachers and doctors, scientists and even Matt Browne’s here -and in my book – they outrank by far any two-bit flavour-of-the-month pop “star” celebrities.

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I think any celebrities using this site would remain anonymous if they wanted to use it the way the rest of us do. If I were even remotely famous, I wouldn’t shout out “I’m __________!” it would be totally counter-productive and I’m sure anyone who lives in the spotlight cherishes anything that approaches normalcy.

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