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What is the best way to make good dreads?

Asked by fathippo (746points) June 28th, 2009

I read about it (and how to do it yourself/ with friends), and it seems like backcombing is the best, but is there anything i should do to stop this going horribly wrong? Thanks… =)

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I believe the best way is just to quit cleaning your hair, right? And you just let it dread up on it’s own. I have a friend of a friend story about the “natural” dread process. A friend told me that he had a friend growing up who just quit washing his hair and it dreaded up. He had them for a long while and finally decided to cut them off. He had one in the middle that was a little bigger than the rest so the barber cut it first and when he did, the dread was hollow and a bunch of baby spiders came crawling out. I was told he shaved his head after that.

I had a friend who dreaded her hair at one time and she bought a product that made the hair dread up but she could occasionally wash it so that it was at least a little less gross. I can’t remember what it was called though. I can ask her and try to get back to you.

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mmmm spiders

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yeah the spiders sound bad =S

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Your hair stays clean. Get a dreadlock starter kit and work with that. You might want to braid your hair and make sure they suit you before you start

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That spider story went around in the late fifties too, only back then it was about beehive
hairdos. Ha ha spiders ha ha.

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Spiders don’t live in human hair, or on your head. That is an urban legend. And not even a very original one.

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