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What do i need to buy for a tap dancing class?

Asked by cordovanessa (83points) June 28th, 2009

I signed up for a tap dancing class, and i know i need the tap shoes, but what else do i need? leotard, tights,ballet shoes… what?

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Not neccesarily, but it wouldn’t hurt to read up a bit in tap dancing. It might give you a leg up.

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Different dance instructors have different requirements as to attire. One class my daughter took required tights and leotard. Another required Soffe shorts and a t-shirt.

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i would say a leotard, tap shoes and tights would suffice. it’s all i needed for my class.

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I suggest you ask the teacher. As @PandoraBoxx says, different teachers have different requirements. The class my daughter took required a black leotard, a black wrap around dance skirt and pink tights. The class I took many years ago suggested tights and leotard but did not require anything more than comfortable work out clothing.

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Some classes are taught on a professional level and the instructor will be very explicit about what items are expected in the class. They might want a particular brand or type of clothing. Other classes are very informal and will have few requirements. The first few classes will be to determine the level of development of the students, and then the instructor will let you know what is needed.

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Depends on the dance teacher, many classes taking in the non-professional curcit could care less what you wear as long as you can move and have the right shoes. Got to a class and see because dance clothes are $$$$

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