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Have you ever revisited a beloved childhood show, only to discover the horrible reality of how godawful it was?

Asked by Grisaille (12043points) June 28th, 2009

If so, what was it?

While it was hardly my favorite show growing up (in fact, it was a little after my time), the American take on the Japanese Street Fighter cartoon was a show I’d flip on lazy Saturday Mornings. It was only a few months ago that I realized how horribly written, nonsensical and poorly animated the show actually was (not to mention unintentionally hilarious).

Exhibit A:

I went back to a few other shows that I liked and… man. I’m sure you guys have a bunch of shows that you loved growing up but now, as an adult, realize how craptacular they really are/were.

Please share :P

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G.I. Joe did that for me. But I still love The Wonder Years.

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Dexters laborotory! Johnny bravo! Edd, ed, and eddy! Loony tunes!!!

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Sorry, but if I don’t, @johnpowell… the universe might implode. Here.

And The Wonder Years was FANTASTIC. Winnie got married, you know.

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Well, I always thought Pokemon was repetitive, but I don’t think I noticed it as much as when I was younger. Digimon I loved when I was younger, and I still love it. It’s not god-awful by a long shot. Can’t seem to think of anything else…Arthur is still good…

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Xanadu… enough said.

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Well, this isn’t a beloved childhood show, but as I got older I realized how ridiculous Zena: Warrior Princess actually was.

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…I had a crush on Lucy Lawless growing up. Ain’t ashamed to admit it.

I think it was the ridiculous battle cry she’d wail whenever she would toss her ring… boomerang… thing.

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Pretty much every show I watched. My friends will randomly show up with a season of some show like Alf, I’ll be like, “oh yea, that show was sweet.” Then I start watching it and realize that it sucks cause it’s just a a guy with his hand up a puppets ass.

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Alf was horrid. God was it horrid.

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@Grisaille Thank you, I had to defend myself for about 45 minutes to two Alf fanboys about why the show sucked and wasn’t funny.

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Ohhh, that dinosaur show! Soo creepy when I watched it when I was older. Dinosaurs(TV_series)
and reading the Wiki makes me feel like I must have learned a lot when I was a kid. lol

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I had a girl crush on Winnie.

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Winnie was my first crush.

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That was a chakram! And damn! XENA MY TYPE OF GIRL!! WOOF!

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I still watch some of the repeats? Is it just me? Or does it seem that gabrielle and xena seemed more then just friends?

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Sea Hunt is definitely pretty goofy now compared to how it seemed back then.

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Hulk. The one with lou ferrango

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Woot woot! More the reason to watch it then! Besides I’m actually writing a book about 2 lesbians lovers as the main characters. I knew there was sumthing up with those 2.

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Jem was truly ridiculous, and had some really poor values to pass on to girls. Not to mention all that gawdawful pink and turquoise in the art direction. :P

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Dongeons and Dragons Yuck! I know my kids would love it but the animation is CRAP!

And I had a crush on gabrielle. Bigger shields if you know what I mean

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yea well xena got it all, looks, fighting, just she got it all. Except her like for men.

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You know I wished they made the movie. I felt kind off sad when the series ended

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For me it was Lilo and Stitch. I watched it when I was younger and was like, “Wow.. Fantastic colours and animation!!! And great story!!!”

And not too long ago, when I went back to watch it, I realised that it really wasn’t that great after all..

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Hmm, I checked out Touche` Turtle recently and found it quite idiotic. And I have a pretty good tolerance for idiotic. Oh well, just goes to show that kids will watch anything.

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Yea I remember when I was 8 I stumbled on the playboy channel.

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@casheroo I loved Dinosaurs. That show was great! A show with a social message that no one got.

To answer the question, the show, “The Banana Splits” was awful. And what the fuck was “Cow and Chicken”?!

I can still watch a lot of them, though. “Dexter’s Lab” is still good, as is “Spongebob Squarepants”.

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