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How did Billy Mays die?

Asked by rawpixels (2663points) June 28th, 2009

Super pitchman, Billy Mays, was found dead this morning. Anyone know the cause of death?

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I’m not positive, but it may have been due to a concussion. After the tire blew on the plane, luggage came down on his head. Instead of going to the hospital to make sure everything was okay, he went home.

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I read that he might have sustained a closed head injury when a plane he was riding in hit turbulence and something fell on his head. It sounds like the same type of thing that happened to Natasha Richardson.

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Really? A head injury?

If one of your friends ever suffers a head injury that you think may have resulted in a concussion, take them to the hospital and don’t let them sleep.

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Yeah, that’s what did Natasha Richardson in. She has a head injury that didn’t seem too bad at first.

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I think he probably had an aneurysm from screaming on TV.~

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he choked on mighty puddy

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i wonder if oxyclean gets the stains out of sheets someone has been decomposing on for several hours…?

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Stay classy Fluther.

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he’s dead?? oh no. i had a big argument with my husband that he was an ex baseball player. what? and that other pitch guy that had the fight with the ho and got arrested? oh no. is he really dead?

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Well, he DID get hit on the head with something that fell when the plane’s tire blew. Of course, people are looking for a direct cause and effect, and getting hit hard on the head can cause death. But hey, until there’s an autopsy, for all we know it could have been anything. He didn’t wake up this morning, that’s all anyone knows. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a massive heart attack in his sleep or something else. Who knows? Right now all anyone can do is speculate (and seems like plenty are doing so).

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@johnpowell @eambos Those tweets are eerie…

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—Along with Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, Billy Mays’ death brings the theory of bad things happening in threes.

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@Yetanotheruser Ed McMahon makes it 4 so that theory is out.

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michael jackson makes 5, unless you’re a nubile 12 year old who likes Jesus Juice, in which case #5 was a good thing.

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You heard this from me. Most likely died from an overdose of pain killers oxicotton.

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:( I don’t know, no one will know until the autopsy is complete (if he has one) I do wonder if the luggage falling on his head had anything to do with it. So sad.

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CNN just reported it was heart disease, not a bump to the noggin. Apparently being a husky guy who yells a lot isn’t good for your health.

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@eponymoushipster We are always watching the same thing. Creeeepyyyyy!

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@aanuszek1 A dangerous assumption not yet supported by facts.
Jackson’s doctor has not yet been classified as a suspect but as a witness.

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@essieness i know. it’s like we’re both really awesome and smart. ohwait…

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