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At what point on or within the human body do you believe the greatest quantity of energy is distributed?

Asked by Nially_Bob (3841points) June 29th, 2009

People are welcome to interpret this from a scientific, theological or spiritual standpoint (alongside any other standpoint for that matter). Additionally your answer may refer to you on an individual level or may act as an example of where you believe energy is most strongly distributed within all human bodies.

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The genitals.

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I’m going to go with boobies.

Boobs = fat, fat = calories, calories = energy.

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@Ivan @nikipedia Filthy filthy creatures :|
Heh heh heh, what makes you answer in such a way my friends? Is this based upon biological understanding or something else?

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To be honest this question doesn’t really fit in with anything I happen to believe. The genitals seem to make people do things they would not ordinarily do or even be able to do, so that’s as close of an answer as I can provide.

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The skin has the greatest number of nerves, the brain has the greatest concentration (electrical conductors per cubic inch).

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I instinctively felt the heart
but I understand it doesn’t feel anything on its own
without the breath or the mind’s eye

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I was going to say the chest/heart or the head/brain but after hearing the breath I think that just may be it. Of course if I picture myself with energy flowing out of it the predominatn place of the body I see is the chest.

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I feel like I get power from the center if my being! ( the center of the lower half)

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My entire body is a machine that works in complete harmony with everything and everyone around it. I transfer elevated amounts of energy from my being to other persons and objects through my hands mostly but I could use other appendages to achieve the same effect.

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the brain if its intellectual level
the heart if its emotional level

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@Bluefreedom But the energy transferred to others will never match the energy that is conserved for oneself would you not agree?
@fish4answers Intellectual level and emotional level? Hmmm, forgive me but I am somewhat uncertain as to what you refer to by intellectual and emotional levels. Could you kindly explain?
@Simone_De_Beauvoir @RedPowerLady The breath, now that is thought provoking. The breath does give us strength and then can release it once more moments later. The idea reminds me of the Kiai (or “battle shout”) used in many martial arts as a means of releasing ki.
@DrBill Would you agree that the brain has the largest distribution of ‘energy’ as it is the entity which essentially distributes the entire bodies energy to begin with?
@Ivan As I mentioned in the questions subtext you are free to interpret this from a scientific perspective if you deem such to be possible.

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@Nially_Bob. That’s true. I cannot transfer my vitality in larger amounts to someone than what I already need to sustain myself.

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@Bluefreedom I wonder what world we would live in if such were possible? It’s a bizarrely impassioning thought.

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Yes, I would agree.

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@Nially_Bob. I’m thinking that would be the world of science-fiction or the Twilight Zone. In the decades to come though, who knows what might be possible?

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youz people iz crazzzay.


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Everyone is crazy, it just varies by degree.

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I suggest the activation of the left amygdala in the brain. We can observe this in a survival situation, for example when a nonswimmer fears to drown. The energy used by the muscles can exceed levels that are not possible in normal situations (including sport competitions or the hottest sex). So the amygdala triggers greatest quantity of energy possible.

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Top of my head. That is where the steam comes out of.

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