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What music is popular with tweens?

Asked by kevbo (25654points) June 29th, 2009

I need about 45 minutes of pre-show and transition music for a family-friendly, comedic theater performance. What are the kids listening to these days? What’s going to warm up the crowd?

(“Old music” suggestions welcome, too.)

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Hmmm I was one a couple of years ago… It would depend on the type of music they liked, like rock, or pop.

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Jonas Brothers?

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I hear they like the hip hop.

In all seriousness, if it’s a predominantly female crowd, go Jonas Brothers.

Anything else, try Paramore and anything from here.

Gosh, I suck at this.

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everyone has different music tastes like us teens like different music and I’m sure everyone’s age group would have the same scenario so you should take a survey or something and see what they decide

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Okay, how about what are popular or common songs for school dances?

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The chicken noodle soup song : )
They mostly played rock; The Beatles, etc
even though I don’t like going to them, I still know

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Linkin Park, The Fray, Paramore, Pussycat Dolls, Pink, Panic! At The Disco, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Britney Spears, anything Disney, but mostly lots and lots of dime a dozen crap rap.

School dances, however, I am proud to say I really don’t know. I like to avoid those.

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@dverhey Hi, there is rap yuck

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Most of the tweens I know go in for High School Musical, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana)...basically all the contrived crap that either the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon regurgitates.

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Judging from my nine year-old daughter, The Beatles, followed by Queen and ELO.

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When we got the Disney radio station here, there was a mix of the various stuff as listed by @dalepetrie with various light rock such as the Beach Boys, The Captain and Tennille (Muskrat Love, yuck), The Archies, and various Bubblegum bands.

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@AstroChuck Your daughter kicks-ass.

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Shuddering in horror (ok, except for AC’s daughter)

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She’s a hippy chick. What can I say?

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@AstroChuck Your 9 year old daughter is listening to ELO? LOL!

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Yup. In fact I can hear Nightrider coming from her room right now.

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Jonas brothers definitely even though I hate them with a passion. I’d say any other disney mass-marketed crap as well would probably work. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Metro Station, HSM, etc.

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We change the channel from Disneylodeon when that cookie cutter stuff comes on. I feel itchy now. Ick.

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My 9 year old daughter likes Muse, a little Ozzie, Paramore, Radiohead, Queen, The Cranberries, a little Brittney Spears, AC/DC, Metallica, and a smattering of other rock bands.

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Justin Bieber

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