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Do you have an odd physical characteristic that you've inherited from either of your parents?

Asked by Jude (32162points) June 29th, 2009

My Mom, Aunt and I have a small, bit of brown colour on the iris of one eye. So, my eyes are grey/blue with a dot of brown on the one (also called an “iris freckle”).

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Cowlicks at hairline that curl in opposite directions and second toe larger than big toe on foot.

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I’ve got crooked pinkies. After the last knuckle, they’re bent at about a 20 degree angle from straight; it runs in women on my mom’s side of the family (my brother, for instance, didn’t get it), though they’re bent different amounts (my mom’s are straighter, my grandma’s are as bent as mine). Good to show at parties!

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My father’s freckles, we even have them on the insides of our lips, mouths, palms of hands, etc.

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@gailcalled, the second toe larger than the big toe is called Morton’s Toe

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My second and third toe on both feet are not completely cleaved. I get it from my mother’s side. My siblings have it, my daughter has it, my grandmother, etc.

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I have a slightly longer second toe, just like my mother.

I also barely have a pinkie toenail. This comes from my father’s side. My dad doesn’t have it, but my grandmother does. This tends to amaze people, not sure why. And it confuses the ladies that have given me pedicures..they just dab on some nailpolish lol
Oh, and I have the same adorable little cleft in my chin, as my mother. Nothing dramatic, but you can feel it. My son has it as well (his entire jawline is identical to mine actually, as mine is identical to my mothers)

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I have red hair. Naturally. It’s from my father’s side of the family. He also has it.

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@EmpressPixie – RED HAIR ROCKS!

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I have brown hair and a red beard. I think I got it from my mom.

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^ Irish?

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I have eyes like my mother’s side of the family. Dark brown on the outside, light brown in the middle, and goldish around the pupil. Seems to always skip 2–3 generations. My great-grandma had the same eyes, and her grandmother before her, but my mom and my grandma don’t.

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@Tink1113 :: Very Irish.

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@johnpowell What…the brown hair or the red beard?

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@johnpowell:: I knew it! :)

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fat, flat feet.

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@janbb penguin!!! :)

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Morton’s Toe and congenital bunions from my grandfather (I didn’t get the webbed toes, though), a brown spot on the green iris of my left eye (found also in my great grandmother, my grandmother and my father), the “Celtic” drooping eyelid from both parents, a widow’s peak from my mother, digestive problems and Sjogren’s Syndrome from my father, and near-sightedness that supposedly can be traced back in my mother’s family to the 13th century.

With any luck I did not get the Fuch’s Dystrophy, but I won’t know for a while yet.

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@Darwin Fuch’s Dystrophy runs in my family, too! :(

I have red hair (well, mostly grey now), from my father’s side (though no one else got it from him). Of my three daughters, only one is a redhead. From my mother’s side, a ‘bow’ shaped mouth… all of the women have it, along with Codeine allergy.

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@augustlan : Fuch’s Dystrophy suchs (if you will pardon the pronunciation).

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@Darwin I have Sjogren’s, too, but it’s a minor irritation compared to other things.

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My eyes change colour through the seasons rather dramatically. Got it from my father. I have longer than average arms, fingers and legs(not freakishly long though) which is also from my dad.

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I also have red hair. Nobody, like not even anyone in my extended family, does. I’m not Irish either. But yea, red hair does rock. (except for the possible pale skin and sunburn side effects)

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women with red hair are A-Okay with me. NEVER dated one though, the hell is that all about?!?!?!?!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 – ditto that my friend!

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My great grandmother had red hair. And she was a real pistol.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 @Bri_L You two don’t know what you’re missing. ;-)

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@augustlan – hehe You don’t need red hair to turn my head. blush

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<bats eyelashes at Bri_L>

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My eyes change from a hazel to a slight green when I wear anything green. I got it from my father.

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I’ve got my Dad’s stick out big ears, my Mom’s nose and chin, and my Maternal Grandpa’s hairline.

Redheads make life exciting has always been a favorite saying of mine. I have a weakness for red headed ladies. Add green eyes and I melt.

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It is so odd because while my brother and I look almost exactly alike, my parents don’t look similar at all.

Not a bit.

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@Bri_L – That is odd. After 59 years of marriage my parents look a lot alike. They are even both shrinking to the same height.

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@Darwin – hmmmm. So you have that to look forward to.

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I have two-toned, a distinct line down my arms and legs

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I have a very small little toe, thats on its side (from my mums side of the family)

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Cleft chin :) Got that from my dad.

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My mum has a small flap of skin that (ever so slightly) covers each eye on the side closest to the nose. It sounds quite unnattractive when I try to describe it so I have found a picture of something similar

Both my brother and I have the same thing.

I think it is quite common in Asian eyes but we are not Asian looking in any other way.

Another thing that seems to run in the whole family is vampire like fangs. We all have them!

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@tink Hence the waddle too, I guess.

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@Facade, that sounds very sexy. :-)

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Myself, my mom and my grandmother all have a few beauty marks in common. (Moles! They’re moles for god’s sake. Stupid Cindy Crawford.) Even though I have more than them.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra lol, glad you think so :P

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