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How Do I Calculate Due Date w/o last period, but w/ Clomid dates?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) June 29th, 2009

I took Clomid 5/8–5/12 and am pregnant. I did not have a “last missed period” to judge how far along I am, but I know it has to be able to be calculated based on when I took Clomid and when I was ovulating. Any nurses or doctors who can calculate this? My appointment is in 2 weeks and I don’t want to wait that long!

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Try this calculator
then go to a due date calculator, and go by your conception date. I’m not sure how clomid works, do you ovulate on those dates?

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Don’t they stop your cycle, and then start it when you use clomid? Don’t they count a baby’s age from the time of the last period? I’d count from the day the cycle was started again. Or, you could count from two or three days after the middle of your period, using exact time of gestation, but that’s a little fuzzier because you don’t know when fertilization actually occurred. Best to use the same method as everyone else uses.

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Clomid just makes your body ovulate, so there was no period to count from. I will try the calculator and see if it helps thanks

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Okay according to the calculator I ovulated 5/17–5/22…. so do I count conception as one of those days, or before or after? Not sure how to calculate it.

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Count that as your conception dates, which of those days you had sex…you have a window of getting pregnant for four days after sex, because that’s how long sperm lives. For me, until I see a doctor and get an ultrasound to size the baby up (it gives you the most accurate due date) I pick one of the days I could have possible conceived, during ovulation, and use that. It won’t be far off from what the doctor tells you.

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Don’t they time the administration of the clomid? I thought they stopped the cycle, and then started it again so they know exactly when to administer the clomid. Of course, maybe I don’t remember this very well from when my wife went through it.

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Thanks!!! I figured it out using the Clomid and Ovulation calculators, and I think it’s around Feb 9th

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ohh so you’d be like, almost 9 haven’t seen a doctor yet? i figured women on clomid would get hcg blood tests more frequently. get an hcg qt test!

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I have been to the doctor, but it was immediately after I found out I was pregnant and apparently too early to measure the fetus. I had lots of blood work, everything loooks good so far.

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Even very early ultrasound has a margin of error for dating – I think +/- about 5 days. By the third trimester, the error margin increases to +/- 3 weeks!

Having the clomid (and therefore, the ovulation) dates is actually more accurate than using the LMP (last menstrual period). The tradition of using the LMP came about because it’s a piece of objective data, if the woman tracks her cycles. Even then, we have to take her usual cycle length into account. Assigning a due date using the LMP is based on the presumption of starting a period every 28 days, and most women’s natural body rhythms are not that rigid. And I know from years of experience that when I actually ask women who give me an LMP date “how far off might you be with this date?”, less than half are completely certain. Most women will tell me they might be off by a few days, and some are kind of guessing, and might be off by a few weeks! So knowing when you ovulated is more reliable than knowing when you had your last period.

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