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How do I make a comically large push button that plays music when pressed?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) June 30th, 2009

This will hopefully be a prop for the LOST series finale party I will be having in May. I essentially want to build this big button with the fork and knife on it that plays that song when pushed. (I’m simplifying- no fish biscuit and water prize- what am I an engineering genius?) I’d like to somehow maybe use the mechanisms from one of those cheap infomercial push lights and some sort of music player (CD player, mp3 or even cassette). I am, however, mechanically retarded and can’t think of how to do this. If anyone even has a starter idea, I may be able to build on it. Any help will be of value! Thanks.

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Go buy the push light or similar pre assembled button-esque type thing and also find a record your own voice balloon.

First record the sound of your choice and remove little recording device from the balloon. Remember to get the recordable ballon, not a card, becaus the balloon has a push button mechinisim.

Finally position the recording device either below or into your push light so that when pressed it activates your noise.

I am typing this in my phone so if this is confusing let me know and I will try to explain in greater detail.

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That sounds good, actually. Now I just have to find the balloon. I’ve never seen one before. I wonder how long of a recording you can do on one of those… 20 seconds should be good.

It can’t be that simple, right?

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It should be this easy actually. Here is a site that sells the balloons:

They have them at the Safeway by my house for quite a bit less than this site is selling them for so you might want to try the grocery for them.The cool thing about the little voice recorder is that it is very flat with a small button. Which means you could literally put it almost anywhere as long as you are able to put some pressure on the thing it will work.

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@drClaw : Very cool… thank you! I wasn’t expecting to get an answer at all, let alone so fast, and one that is so easy! Fantastic answers.

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I do what I can ;-)

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You don’t have to get a balloon. You can get a digital Voice recording module at Radio Shack. You could also use a cd player. Just burn the track onto a cd. Use something to hold the CD player into position. When you make the button have some sort of piece sticking out the back that will push the play button on the CD player. That may be too hard. Check out They may have something of use.

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