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Would you like to share or exchange "Lost" series finale party ideas?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) March 30th, 2010

I figure this can be a “solve a problem” for more than one of us…

What decorations, food, and other prop ideas do you have for your party?

This is what I’ve got so far.

Themed Food:
-salsa and dip with dharma labels
-either cupcakes with little toy planes crashing into blue icing, or orange “fish biscuit” cookies
-mango fruit salad
(and probably just pizza or something)
-beer, wine, water with dharma labels
You can print Dharma food labels here

-ash line around my front porch
-Connect Four game
-Chess board
-Namaste New Recruits banner above front door
-tiki torches
-a stuffed polar bear or some little polar bear figurines for the table

-Soundtrack party favors. I was going to play music from the show, but since we’ll likely be watching the recap and show for the whole time that the guests are here, I thought I’d just make a few copies as souvenirs. You can find a track listing of songs from the show here

Images you may want to use
MacCutcheons 60
Not Pennys Boat (I plan on making a cardboard porthole to put this pic in and hang it on the bathroom door)

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You might want a banner Oceanic Flight 815.

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Oh man, great minds think alike… Half of your list is already on mine.
We are having a party at my grandparent’s house. 18 people are positive they are coming. 12 more are undecided. Party starts at noon, campout follows LOST and people can leave whenever the next day.

If it’s a nice enough night outside, we are going to hook the TV up to the side of the house and watch it from our makeshift beach.

Tiki torches, palm trees, gnomes remember those?, and the boys are making a replica of the raft to throw in the pool are the main decorations. Someone is going to attempt to turn the wood playset into the Black Rock, but I’m not sure how that is going to work. There will be 8 happy birthday balloons tied to the mailbox.
I’ll also have one of the horses there so I can take the kids out for rides during the day. We are LOST addicts. Small events stand out.

The shed is being turned into the hatch. The boys already carved the numbers in the door :l A computer is being set up with the the countdown timer automatic button, though. Dharma logo’d beer/root beer and snacks will be in the shed’s cabinets for the added effect, of course. Fruit will definitely be there and I believe they are making ribs as well.
Someone is making a replica of the main beach as a cake. Complete with exploded fuselage. I think I’m more excited for this than anything.
The Apollo candy bars are party favors. Stored in the Mr. Cluck’s bucket.
There will be peanut butter ice cream as well.

Before the show starts, we have LOST trivia winner gets a stuffed polar bear!
An hour before showtime, everyone is going to write down their guess for what will happen in the episode and put them in a box. After the show, they will get read out loud and whoever was closest gets a metal Ankh told you, detail whores.

Now… If the weather sucks… everything gets moved into the empty barn and we camp out in there.

That’s all I can think of that we have planned right now.

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@rangerr Good gravy, you’ve got a team of people and a huge property for this thing! I’ve got me and a townhouse… I am in awe of your grandiose plans. Building a raft? You have a friend who wants to construct the Black Rock from a swing set? You’re going to have a horse (one that looks like the Kate horse, I presume)? Building a hatch? Holy crap! Well, since I’ve recently had a baby and my dreams and ambitions are being snuffed out by tiredness and time-eating monsters, maybe you would be interested in making this push button that will play music if you win a fish biscuit.

Where did you find a Mr. Cluck’s chicken bucket? Are you making it yourself? Also, I love the ankh idea, too. That’s another decoration thing I could easily make with some poster board or something…. CLUCK YOU! Gnomes- great idea.

I just thought of maybe serving Hot Pockets, but I quickly dismissed the idea because I don’t want people having diarrhea heart attacks in the middle of the finale.

Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like we’re the only two Lost nerds on fluther :(

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My friend says she plans to have all the episodes which she has recorded on disc, so people can find their favorite scenes.

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As fun as Lost is, once is enough for me. I hate the new way they show the same episode that aired last week first, and then show the new episode next.

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@rangerr I’m going to your party, invitation or not. Thanks. :)

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@ubersiren Haha. We go all out for things. All or nothing with my cousins. The horse looks very similar to Kate’s horse. :D The fish button sounds awesome, but I wouldn’t want to take your idea! We are making the Mr. Cluck’s container ourself. There are a few more LOST nerds that I know of, but I think we’ve got the details down more so then they do.
@davidbetterman I like that they have last week’s episode playing again. The added commentary is actually really helpful. It connects things I might have missed otherwise.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Only if you pull a Sawyer and come shirtless.

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I would have the Lost “th-thunk!” episode-end sound effect rigged for every time someone opens the door.

For my premiere party I made beer labels.

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It’s been storming here for days, so our outside shindig got cancelled.

The barn is too muddy to have it in there, so it got moved to my basement.
The TV is set up, and the boys are setting up food and decorations now.

Trivia starts at 5. The cake is coming at 4:30.

I’m excited and depressed and every other emotion possible.

I freaking love LOST.

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