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What is the best 'brand' for vacuums?

Asked by mzdesigns (506points) June 30th, 2009

Looking to get a vacuum cleaner soon, my old one has seen better days. What brand would you suggest (regardless of price) in my opinion usually you get what you pay for but im curious to peoples experiences.

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There’s a thread on here about Dyson… I bought one as a Christmas gift for someone, and I was impressed.

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We were steered toward a Miele by someone who house-sits for very upscale homeowners. That’s what she says they have, and she praises everything about it, from its lightness and quiet to the way it glides around corners and of course its magnificent performance.

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Oreck, in my experience. I also use a Dyson and still love Orecks. You really can’t go wrong with them, IMO.

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I have the dyson pet unit, and it can suck up cat hair at 50 paces.

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Dyson. I just think things should work properly.

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