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What is the biggest problem facing the world today?

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That even though we have more than enough resources to feed and provide water to the current population of the earth, because of politics, some people are dying of starvation for no reason.

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(edited by me. Ahem. Recomposing self.)

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In addition to what @SirBailey noted, add pollution, endangered or extinct species, population growth, materialism, religious righteousness, bigotry, greed….I could go on & on, and I wouldn’t dare try to rank them….they all suck…
PS:....and, as @Clair said, of course…
@Clair…Actually I found “fucking ignorance” more appropriate…you are not softening up are you?

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Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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We are more hung up on self worth then compassion.

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Throw me in the “fucking ignorance” camp.

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Not enough scientists and engineers and teachers to prepare for the time when our Earth has to accommodate 9 billion people. We need to find solutions for the resource and energy crises. We need to eliminate poverty to slow down and eventually stop population growth.

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Clean fresh water.

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@WifeOfBath …so clean fresh water is a problem?

Crap, I’ve been ruining society.

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Theres not nearly enough of an effort being made to feed the hungry. After humanity’s most fundamental needs are met, then we can move forward.

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Global warming.

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