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is the stock market overpriced right now?

Asked by susanna_prince (11points) December 8th, 2006
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Obviously, no one can really know this with any certainty. But I'd say "it's not overpriced very much, if at all." But I'm not an analyst. Just a amateur investor.
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A very broad question. Be more specific; common stocks, blue chips, funds (index, foreign, large-cap, mid-cap, growth, value) etc. A good learning site, if you have hours waiting to be sucked up, is
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That's the wrong question:
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I would say there is a lot of risk in the market right now. But people are taking higher risks, since optimism in US business is growing. I'm a bit less optimistic, and think it is overpriced. But the market depends on people's perceptions of value.
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question asked 1 year ago. i have learned to read WHEN a question was posted he he…
probably a year ago the market was much better (no i KNOW it was)

stock are cheapest now than they have ever been. course as long as you can afford a house. i cannot believe the entire mortgage collapse. pretty sure that is unprecedented.

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