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Looking for a nice family place in Thailand (October)

Asked by whitenoise (14142points) July 1st, 2009

My wife and I want to take the kids to Thailand later this year. We need to be there anyway, since an American friend of ours is getting married in Bangkok mid October.

We are wondering on advice for a nice resort to stay at for about three nights. We will be with the two of us and our six year old boy twins.

We look for authenticity, safety, friendlyness and swimming for the children. We are currently thinking of Koh Samui.

BTW, we are Europeans, so we might be a bit more adventurous than the average American. Cultural chauvinism shows ;-)

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I travel the dark depths of the interwebs (from the safety of my desk chair, of course)

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@Grisaille, I know you are…. My lurve to you!

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Good luck on your trip. Have fun.

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head to Phuket.

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We’re American but tend to travel everywhere. We’ve been to Thailand many times and have traveled all around it. Chang Mai, Chang Rai, Bangkok…and others.

Since you mentioned the kids and safety I’d recommend Hua Hin. The beaches were gorgeous, you are away from the city, and you can easily get there by bus or car from Bangkok. We loved it.
Have you been to Thailand before? There are places you do not want to go with the kiddies.

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thailand? man i got enough trouble just getting my family to disneyworld.

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How old are the kids? What type of family is yours? Adventurous? Shopping? Can you guys stomach a long boat ride to a tropical island?

If you’re an adventurous, nature-loving, beach-adoring, long-boat-ride-stomaching family, I’d advise going to Koh Surin. My family was supposed to go there last year, but because of the stupid riots happening in Bangkok at the time, we got our trip cancelled. We used this website for our holiday planning (more gorgeous pictures here).

And it looks like October isn’t a bad time to visit either. On the net, sources say that the best is from October-April (although more websites have a narrower margin of December-April).

Perhaps the only thing which you’d want to watch out for are tsunamis (note, however, that the islands weren’t that badly hit compared to the rest of Thailand). Although they don’t occur on a regular basis. Still, they say that the tsunami did do a lot of damage to the coral (the pictures are still amazing though).

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Thank you all for the help… I will let you know on this thread, what we chose to do!!!

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Have you guys chosen yet?

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