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Has this happened to anyone else ?? ( Link and details inside)

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) July 2nd, 2009

This has happened with a few sites. Is there an easy fix without doing what Google says i.e regedit ?
It has happened on a few sites , one of them was a wresting video blooper site .

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Not an I.T.


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What version of Firefox is that?

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Ah. Well. I was thinking that if you are using 3.5 then it’s just a bug with the app. I would start by reporting the error to mozilla, and checking their support and forums and seeing if anybody else has had a similar problem. I have not, however, but my guess is that there is an issue with the app’s framework, usually fixed in updates or a reinstall of the app.

Check the support forums. They will know better than me.

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