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How do people still manage to sneak camcorders into the cinema?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 2nd, 2009

Ok technology has made things smaller and harder to see , but shouldn’t it be harder for people to bring recording equipment into the cinema.

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Usually, nobody checks your purse or pockets to see whether you have any recording equipment, do they? Not here at least. So it would be easy to just bring, even your cell phone, or small camera into the theater/cinema.

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Nobody really cares. The person working the door is paid 6 bucks per hour. You would probably be surprised at the amounts of violence workers at a theater deal with. We didn’t care and it wasn’t worth the confrontation.

I was a projectionist and we would do late night screenings for friends after the managers left. I had keys so it was easy to get in at 3 AM. I would do recordings with a tripod and the audio wired into to camcorder.

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A decent Flip camera is just the right size for those sorts of shenanigans, I’d expect.

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I would say it’s probably more difficult to get your own food into a theatre.

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It’s so easy to get stuff in there. They don’t check your bags/purse at all when you go to the movies. I sneak in food (like a sub) in all the time. A recorder is also really easy to get in.

But I don’t really care….those movies that people record on those cameras are really low quality…I wouldn’t even bother trying to watch them.

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cams are beneath me

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Getting the cam in is the easy part. Actually recording is very hard. My friend works in a theater, and you get a $500 bonus + 1 week paid vacation if you catch someone with a camera. They are constantly on the lookout within the theaters.

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A few weeks ago I went to see Terminator Salvation, bought my ticket at the booth, and walked right past the place where they usually rip your ticket. There was no one even there…however this was during the day like 1pm…there’s always ppl there at night. Felt like I just wasted my money coulda gotten in for free.

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It’s SO easy for it to be an inside job, like @johnpowell said. If I was a theater manager, I would too.

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The question is why sneak them in? I mean the quality is so piss poor. Plus I dont want to watch crappy quailty and crappy sound (especially is someone is talking) and then see the dudes arm fall asleep and the camera drop. Lame.

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Honestly, I live in a small town, and I would have no trouble sneaking a small video camera into our movie theatre. There is no security, they don’t even check ticket stubs, I could probably sneak in if I wanted to….hmmmm

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How? Well, have you ever been patted down going into a movie theater, the way you are at a concert? I didn’t think so. Why? I guess some people are willing to pay a small amount of money to see a crappy quality copy of the movie without having to spend a small fortune. Let’s see, a family of 4 goes to a movie, it’s $10 a ticket, maybe $8 for the kids, that’s $36. Let’s say you get 4 drinks at $4.50 a pop, and one large popcorn, that’s another $8, $26 more, that’s $62. Buy a crappy quality DVD for $5, open up 4 cans of soda and pop up some corn, you’re in it for less than $10.

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