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What are some things I should know before I go to college?

Asked by MsProtoge (22points) July 2nd, 2009

..especially what are some things I should now about MUW.

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Have fun and enjoy it. The time will fly by.

And remember going off to college, nobody knows who you are. If you dont like something about yourself now is the time to re-invent yourself. Dont live with what might have been. Live in the moment.

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See siblings on the side.>>>>

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No one will make you go to class, so you are on your own for motivating yourself to attend and to perform.

College is a great place to find out new and interesting things—be open to possibilities.

If someone else is paying for your education, be sure their money is well invested.

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I really wish I woulda went to college.

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@Grisaille it’s never too late!

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Yeah, yeah. :P

I’ll definitely be using the G.I. Bill when I’m in the USMC, though.

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College is awesome! I hope you are living in the dorms—great experience—it is a time to meet new people with differing ideas from different places in the country and world and to laugh and have FUN.

Everyone is in the same boat, so don’t be nervous. Also, if it is a big campus go there a few days ahead and get a feel for the campus and where your classes are and how to get there…walking or bus, etc.

Also, I’ll mention this because a younger person I know didn’t realize these thing: 1) each class will give you a syllabus (maybe they are even online now? I am before the computer age) that will tell you for the entire semester when assignments are due. 2) You will be expected to have your books on the first day of class. You go to the student bookstore and the books will be catagorized by class number, so if you are taking Psychology 101 (PS101) then you just buy all of the books for PS101 that are on the shelf.

Also, don’t endanger yourself…don’t drink too much, or do something stupid to get into a sorority, or walk across campus late at night by yourself. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Also go to class.

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Seek out and talk to your instructors between class. You will get more help that way than any other.

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You identify with a nerd and yet you write ”..especially what are some things I should now about MUW” ? I don’t get it. Is it like, cool to be a nerd?

Being at college is a growing experience because you are out of the cocoon called home and making decisions that will truly impact your life.

Choose wisely:

1. Will you party all the time and let studies suffer… or
2. Will you party some of the time and manage your studies… or
3. Will you never party and study all the time?
4. Will you get up and go to class or sleep?
5. Will you eat the same way you did at home?
6. .... I can’t think of anymore.

Just have fun and study too.

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Join an extracurricular club or group. And I don’t mean greek, unless that’s what you’re into.

There’s sports, travel, academic, shared interests, you name it, and that’ll be the fastest way to make friends with common interests.

Oftentimes, those will be the friends that end up lasting a lifetime.

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Don’t be afraid to get a job and make some money instead of getting bogged down with student loans.

Even if it means your grades suffer some, you’ll find that prospective employers won’t really care (especially if the work you did is related to your field of study).

OTOH, if your plan is to go on for post-grad work, well, then you better keep those grades up.

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Go to class, it’s what you’re there for.
Join something—anything you feel passionate about. Work with that group and be a leader. This is also what you are there for.

Don’t sell your books back to the bookstore—it is almost always a scam. Sell them personally to other students or online. Usually the bookstore pays like 25% of the original price at best and sells them for 75% of the original price. 50% makes you money and saves others money.

Meet people! They will force you to meet lots of people during orientation. If you aren’t naturally super social, embrace it. I met two of my nearest and dearest friends during orientation.

Be safe! Don’t drink too much. Watch your drink if you are out. Don’t let someone just hand you an open beverage. Find out if your campus has a safety/night shuttle. Use it. Don’t walk down dark paths alone. These seem like common sense but they are important. If you have a bad feeling about a party—leave.

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Treasure this wonderful time when you are considered an adult, but have none of the responsibilities of earning your living.

Life will unfold before you like a lovely garden. Remember to only sip from it while going about the business you are there for.

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dont ask this question on fluther,,, simply put its just something you have to experience. no offense meant

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If you want to party, do it at your friends house. Don’t mess up your personal rental record, you’re going to need it.

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Treat your credit rating like a child: care for it, watch it, and better it.

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