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If there were a Kitty Olympics in which event would you cat(s) win gold?

Asked by tinyfaery (44151points) July 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

Any type of event.

As for my cats:
Mushroom: fetch & leash walking
Flower: tumbling & playing dead
Blackberry: eating & tripping up humans
Jelly: sneaking up on people & marathon petting (she can go for hours
Cali: hiding & stalking bugs

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are dogs allowed?
the last kitty I had was really good at farting….

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Sebastian: Fetch, and best foot warmer
Abbey: Most elusive (she’s very shy)

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Sophie: Fetch. And biting your ankles when you quit playing with her and walk away.

Sounds like we have a good competition here for fetching.

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The 100 meter lounge and the freestyle crotch lick.

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The hair ball hurling contest.

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Tattiana: Who can look the most snobbish.
Maggie: The mood swing contest. The spastic rascal contest (I didn’t want to be too harsh at first but I feel this is a more accurate description)

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what about wearing the tallest heels….pussy in boots…?
i forgot the name of that book

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Galloping laziness. He’d take Gold.

(He’d send the dog to collect his medal though…)

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Zoe: The Frightened Pussy High Jump

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These are for my late cat, Brown Nose, who lived to be 19.

Taking up space, usually the whole couch somehow.

The uncanny ability to know when I’ll be eating something she would want and being in the kitchen waiting for it before I even open the fridge. I guess we’d call it “psychic kitty”.

Killing the most stuff and getting it back home and in the house despite my best efforts to keep the kills outside.

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lurve for all. = ^ . . ^ =

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Po: Dog Food Eating Champion. he thinks he’s a dog. Really!

Randy: Best Present of the Year. A dead rabbit on Easter Sunday

Pepsi: Best nickname ever. chinese pepsi cola kitty (ask my sister, she named him)

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@DarkScribe It better not be my dog you’re talking about… :)
mines lazy as a damn poatahto dump
@jonsblond lurve…chines pepsi cola lotfol4rl

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Fetch, and swimsuit competition.

Also he’d take a first at a lowrider convention.

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Rudy: Under couch surfing (she lies on her back and pulls herself along with her claws); and ‘cattitude’.

Emma: Hunting; and spending the least amount of time indoors.

Ellie (Emma’s littermate): Evasion of humans; and spending the most amount of time indoors. And shedding the most of any domestic shorthair.

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Josh – Anything to do with sleeping. God knows how long he sleeps each day :)
I think he sleeps like 20 hours a day the rest goes for food and brief exercises

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Both Po and Butters would take a gold in the 19 hour napping category.

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Frankie: The Cat Laser Triple Sow-Cow, The Stock, Pounce, and Wrestle (with an 8 pound Chihuahua), the Dunking for Plastic Spiders Competition (4 inch dunk).

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My (now deceased) kitty would take the gold in the nocturnal 100-meter dash. Late every night, she would race back and forth from the living room to the pantry and back again, over and over and over for a good half-hour, 45 minutes. Then she’d suddenly stop, ensconce herself under the dining room table, and drop off to sleep.

And she’d at least take silver in mouse-batting. She could capture a mouse and bat at it for a very long time before putting the poor creature out of its misery.

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Spencer: Toughest Cat (he’ll attack any dog that comes near him), Laziest Cat, Largest Pupils
Henry: Most hyper freak outs kitty

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Merlin: most paranoid, softest, anti-social, best hider/sneakiest
Hattie: most social

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Tabby and Tony: Greco Roman Style Wrestling them cats can wrestle!
Timmy: Best Moth Eater If a moth gets in the house it is doomed

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Fetch, High Jump, and Paper Shredding*

*If anyone needs documents shredded, I can send Reggie over. He’s very good at it, especially in the morning when he wants to be fed and I’m still sleeping.

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Horizontal climbing (lying on the hardwood floor and clawing their way along the edge of the sofa)

High jump, followed immediately thereafter by the less dignified high fall.

Magazine skiing (jumping atop an unstable pile of magazines, with foreseeable results).

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My dead cats would have excelled at mousing, and bird catching.
If there was a competition for passive aggression against each other, they’d have both won gold.

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When I was with my one ex, she had three cats of her own (making that four in total—one being mine). Benny – Side of the Tub Balance whilst Drinking out of the Tub Facet (this would only take place when you were getting your shower on). Mystery: Staring at the Corner of the Ceiling at Absolutely Nothing Marathon, Frisco – donned the gold for Projectile Vomitus (after having consumed a full mouse head—he left us the body, though).

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Shirley – eating, biting, first place for the cat who is most likely to become a dog
Goodness – eating, lap-sitting and fancy prat falls (“I meant to do that. Really.)
Mercy – ruling the roost and precision vomiting
Franklin the Blue-Eyed Wonder Cat – lap-sitting and finding the warm spot
Serena – non-stop singing and talking, bossing the dogs around, and observing bathers with close concentration
Outdoor Kitty – shedding, out of the box pooping, and becoming invisible
Peanut Butter – sink-sitting, walking on three legs (he has four but sometimes only uses three), and paper shredding (the more important the smaller the shreds)

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Lulu- the snooty/judgmental award
She’ll sit and stare at you and it looks like she’s silently judging me…or when i call her, she turns to look at me, then turns back and walks away all snooty-like.

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Gypsy- Toe licking.

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Boots – walking his balloon. We almost always have a helium balloon in the house for him, he likes to walk it around the house. :)

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@cak : That is so cute!

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@ubersiren thanks! He’s pretty cute!

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@cak Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

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The sleep-on-someone-elses-face freestyle.

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Feline Archery
The Long Jump
Furniture Slalom
Catnip Marathon

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Oh, @Bluefreedom reminded me – Rugsledding! Any rug, no matter how big, if it didn’t have the pad or tape or whatever that kept it on the floor, Jolie was going to run, jump on the rug and sliiiiide on it across the room. That, and bed trampoline. For whatever reason, she would get herself going and jump up and down on my bed. It was so cute when she was a kitten.

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Search & Rescue. My cat is obsessed with the caps from plastic soda bottles. She bats them around some, but mostly carries them in her mouth so that the cap covers her chin and walks around meowing. I used to save the Mt. Dew ones when they had contests and keep them in my purse. I don’t know how she knew when there was one in there, but she would put one paw/leg and her entire head in my purse to fish it out.

Princess impersonation.

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Yesterday, I had to put a headboard/footboard together (by my lonesome) and this (see left side) wanted to sit in the middle of everything. I had my boxspring/mattress resting up against the wall, when I came back to my bedroom, I looked up and Frankie was on top of them (and he was a foot from the ceiling). He jumped up from the floor. Crazy kitty.

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@jmah…That is an awesome bed.

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Laziness and fatness for one
Fighting and gymnastics for the other

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Jasmine would take gold for cross species grooming- not grooming herself but our little dog.
She would also win in the deceptive door approach. She comes to the back door and taps/meows. Stupid human opens door, cat turns around and walks away. Stupid human closes door. Cat comes back to door. Repeat 5 or 6 times before grabbing the cat.

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Baba Stinky Girl – Longest Meow (please take a breath before you turn blue!)
Sherpah – Most persistent maniacal meow / Fastest 7 foot vertical dash up to the decorative railing
Tuxedo – Most fur shed in a day / most laid back cat
Beatnik – The best “Who Me? What did I do this time?” look.
All of them – making me sneeze for the longest time.

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How about a new category?
Friskies-climbing screen doors, catching birds when dive bombing her stomach
Zena-hunting for her own food…

She’s a blood thirsty savage lol

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Vinnie: Hunting, drooling, and being as annoying as physically possible (drooling usually included) at inopportune moments.

Madeline: Meowing until you want to tear your hair out and stuff your ears with it.

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