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Have you ever listened to a song, under the influence or not, that has given you the goosebumps or made you want to cry out of joy?

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) July 2nd, 2009

What songs give your ears an orgasm and make you feel in pure ecstasy? You know the type of song that just gives you such a good feeling that you feel like the song is playing inside you, causing you to be so into it, caught in the moment, and nothing else.

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I love “Cortez the Killer” Dave Matthews & Warren Haynes…Haynes on the guitar is amazing in this song and it gives me the goosebumps. Also listening to Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds live at Farm Aid “So Damn Lucky” song got me too.

“Comfortably Numb” Pink Floyd…the solo in the end gets me every time

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This world can’t tear us apart by Trivium I just love that song!

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EDIT: One that pops into my head right now (and that I haven’t already linked to in other threads) is Gimme Shelter.

Seriously, we just don’t singers like Merry Clayton anymore.

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Blue Veins by The Raconteurs. such talent

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blue veins…i like your style, yes for sure

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and damn thats a good buckethead song, i only really heard the one from guitar hero hah wow

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Contradictive by Tricky is one.

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all you guys have good taste in music!

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@jonsblond Very nice. Thank you for that.

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have u guys ever heard “planet caravan” black sabbath…real chill

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Seven Spanish Angels, Willy Nelson and Ray Charles

Lullaby, Billy Joel

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@m Of course.

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slightly stoopid ftw

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Israel K’s version of Over the Rainbow.

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Certain opera music does that for me, puts me over the top, blows me away. POW! Wipeout.

Goosebumps music is a definable category for me. If it doesn’t give me goosebumps, it’s not for me.

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@mass_pike4 , @jonsblond & @Grisaille GA lurve for Planet Caravan, Blue Veins and Gimme Shelter to which I’ll add another Stones song, Wild Horses . See ya…

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Angel from Montgomery
Bonnie Raitt’s version

The Drowning Man
Janis Ian

A Long December
Counting Crowes

Hide and Seek
Imogen Heap

Shut Us Down
Lindsey Buckingham

Never Going Back Again
Matchbox Twenty’s version

Here Comes the Flood
Peter Gabriel

Come Pick Me Up
Ryan Adams

I Wish
Stevie Wonder

Fill Her Up

And others that I have bunched together on a play-list. Makes for a teary-eyed drive home I tell ya.

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@jonsblond back in the day, we used to call that Acid Rock. Thanks for turning me onto a new song that reminds me of the good old days.

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@Jeruba, that’s what I love about great composers like Holst, Wagner, and especially the more obscure ones, the ability to give me goosebumps. Opera not so much, but any music that gives a chill is damn cool in my book.

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Fischer -Diskau singing Der Erlk├Ânig (Schubert’s version.)

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Something In the Way, Nirvana
Careless Whisper, Seether (their cover)
Waste, Seether
Hating, Korn
Hollow Life, Korn
Hang On, Seether
Tourniquet, Evanescence
Falling Away From Me, Korn
You Know You’re Right, Nirvana
Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana
Sappy, Nirvana
Thoughtless, Korn
Seen It All, korn
Understanding, Evanescence
yeah i could go on but i just realised i already have for quite a while, but yeah i love those songs that just fill you completley and penetrate right into your soul man! when you feel like youre surrounded by something in another dimension or something… you know, its awesome!

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june on the west coast – bright eyes

today was the first time i’ve ever seen/heard a live version; i only looked it up for posting’s sake. and i can’t decide which one i like more, but both absolutely make my knees weak.

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The Last Lost Continent-La Dispute

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Any Secondhand Serenade song

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@fathippo -Dude!!!! I LOVE your list!! Some of those songs do that to me too especially Evanescence

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@Tink1113 haha, yeah evanescence have beautiful songs man

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@fathippo And Korn, Nirvana! Lurve dude, lurve

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@Tink1113 definetley man! i think out of all bands nirvana and korn are probably my favourite to listen to and stuff =) love it dude

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Psst… Tink is a girl.

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@fathippo: “definetley” has made my list of Infinite ways of misspelling definitely, Thanks.

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@gailcalled thats ok i guess(?) and sorry dude that is the word i always spell wrong however many times i try to imprint it in my mind

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@Grisaille i should maybe get out the habit of calling everyone man, male, female or whatever… =)

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@fathippo: Try a substitute like “clearly” or “undeniably.” And you are in my Hall of Fame. You should see the variant spellings. People are really creative.

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@fathippo Are you a dude?

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i’m a dude, but a female dude =)

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@fathippo Ha I thought so =]

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@Tink1113 yeah it’s a good word so i dont see why only males should get it =D

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@gailcalled thankyou for your advice, and i feel quite privileged to be in your hall of fame =)
and im sure they can be quite creative with these misspellings as well…

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