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Have you had any health concerns after using skoal smokeless tobacco over the years? If so, how long have you been using? How often do you use? etc.

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) July 3rd, 2009

I am been dipping for about 3 months now. I have probably gone through 20 cans since starting. I am concerned of the health risks and am trying to stop

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Its the additives that you should worry most about.
Still causes mouth cancer and is definetely bad for the heart.

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I’m still on the burn it tobacco, considering this stuff but its difficult to come by where I live. Is it any good ? or just like niquitin chewing gum ?

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it is good, especially if you find a flavor you like. The tastes lasts a long time in certain flavors

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yuck. I would never kiss someone who used the stuff.

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