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Can you help me name our dog?

Asked by Supacase (14533points) July 3rd, 2009

You may recall that I was considering getting a dog. (Previous thread) Well, we brought one home from the mutt rescue today.

She is a lab/spaniel/husky/malamute mix, born on 3/17/08, who is currently named Choo Choo. That name doesn’t fit her at all. She is very quiet and sweet; a polite little girl. She clicked with my daughter immediately, which is what sealed the deal.

I am thinking something Irish since she was born on St. Patrick’s day, but I’m flexible. What I don’t want is a typical dog name like Lady or Belle or a name that you would be likely to name your daughter. Names suggested by my husband that I have already vetoed are Sadie, Daisy and Copper.

Any suggestions? Here is a picture to help.

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i’m going disney…

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Here’s a list of Irish dog names that might be helpful.

Cute dog!!

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Molly, Myrtle, Pearl, Bijoux, Shona (Gaelic – a friend had a Newfoundland named Shona), Maevis,.

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As in “come here, Dammit”

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Sophie…our last dog…as in latest not last ever :(

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Siobhan, pronounced Sha VAUGH.

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JD (just dog)

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Sesshoumaru Sama

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@gailcalled i think you want to add an “n” on the end of that….? :)

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Shirley Feeney

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@jmah as in le finn…

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@tadpole No. There’s a little girl across the street with that name. It’s a cute Irish name.

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Delilah, or Lila. I also like Echo, Heidi, Gumby, and Pokey. @Dog, my grandparents’ dog was named Feeney.

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While looking at baby names, I came across this cute Irish baby name..
Maeve or Maive. Very Irish, pronounced “May-ve” I think it suits her.

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what about töle

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…Tits McGhee.

I kid, sorta.

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Maybe just McGhee.

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@tadpole: You are correct. I was too busy trying to think of the phonetics.

Sha VAUGHN. It’s a name I love. According to the pros, dogs should have two syllable names.

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@gailcalled maybe shuh vaughn as well…now we are really pushing it….

interesting idea about 2 syllable names…maybe i can call my next dog rover after all then…

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It’s really a bad idea. Sibilant beginning…bad…, lack of y or vowel sounding in ending…bad.

Molly, Willa, Maggie, Chloe work better, I am told.

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You might find some more ideas here

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@YARNLADY: This doggie is a female; your link refers to a male.

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Heh, I actually loathe the name Siobhan. Anyone who meets me and knows anything about Irish names insists on calling me that many, many times before they figure out that things that are not even spelled similarly tend not to sound the same.

Boo, people.

You can expect people to be asking about the spelling, origin, and pronunciation quite often.

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@gailcalled you shame me with your sibilant knowledge….i am sorry i started this sibilant argument….

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I’d name her pepper,sugar,daisy,lexi,latte,casey,cassi,chenelle
I love those names =)

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Bounty, Willow, River, Slyvie.

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How about “Palin” it’s a female dog, right?

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@PandoraBoxxBut the dog isn’t wearing lipstick.

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(She’s a cutie!)

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As far as Irish names go, there are:

Ciara ( KEE-ra, a 7th century saint, implies ‘dark hair and brown eyes’)
Roisin (Rose)
Aisling (dream)
Sinead (Jane)
Ceilí (Kailey)
Áine (AWN-ye, Queen of the fairies)
Aoife (EE-fe, beautiful, radiant)

There are a bunch more Irish names for girls here

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She’s very cute- she looks like a “Millie” or “Bonnie” to me.

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I like Cara, Roxy, Pebles, Jewels, or Mattie. She’s very cute.

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There are some very good ideas here. I’m sending them over to the other end of the couch for spousal approval. (He is currently mulling over Sylvie.)

The problem with girl names is I’m in a moms club and I know someone, either mother or child, with just about every name suggested. Even Willa and Talulla.

My daughter wants to name her Gingersnap (from Strawbery Shortcake) or Puddlejump.

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I like Puddlejump ^_^

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Just keep in mind you’re going to have to yell it aloud to call the dog. Sometimes hearing a name out loud narrows the field dramatically.

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She looks like a sweetie pie.

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Misha, Alayna, Caley, Ellie, Silver

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Colleen- pronounced “Ka-leen”
It means girl in gaelic.

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Wolf Gang- she’s got malamute and husky in her.

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Chew Chew?

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You’ll have to let us know what name you decide on. :)

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Lovely dog by the way!

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@PandoraBoxx yes, i was looking at some of these answers and thinking the same thing…...

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@jmah We decided on Roxy.

Thanks, everyone!

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Aw, very cute! She looks like a Roxy! :)

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@Supacase AWW!! That’s such a cute name, i never thought of that before and Roxy is very adorable!

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Roxy is a great name for a lovely dog!

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