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Have you ever followed your parents dreams ?

Asked by GraceC (22points) July 4th, 2009

just wondering ? thanks x

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Please be more specific.

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I am lucky in that my parents did not impose their dreams on me.

On the other hand, my Mom was forced to perform musically as a child when she was painfully shy. In rebellion against that, she did not help me develop my musical talent, and I felt unsupported in that regard.

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no no no no no… I wouldn’t follow my parents dreams… (I presume you mean their dreams for you) No-one else can really know what’s in your heart and what your purpose is ..other than you x

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You mean like the path they gave up on? Nope. Our lives are our own. Their lives are their own. We each have our own purpose.

Personally, I think every parent should be given this page from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran upon the birth, adoption or custody transfer of a child.

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Nighmares, maybe!

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@aprilsimnel As long as I haunt this site, lurve will always be bestowed on anyone quoting The Prophet.

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