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What will the submarine crew do if ever attacked by a whale?

Asked by seVen (3472points) July 4th, 2009 from iPhone

For some reason or another it can happen right? It’s a wild animal.

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Probably nothing, maybe speed up to outrun it. The sub is designed to withstand much more damage than a whale could do.

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I don’t think a submarine is in much danger from a whale even if a whale decided to attack. Most species of whales are not particularly aggressive.

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What about a giant squid that would attach it’s suckers to the submarine that they would not see anything through their looking device?

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A subs main way of ‘seeing’ things is through active/passive sonar. The only real danger a sub would have to be concerned about if a squid or whale attacked, is giving away it’s position due to the noise it’s creating.

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Obviously, mate with it.

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I don’t think the seaman would appreciate it.

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Badda bing. I love double entendres.

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* insert joke here involving seamen, sperm whales and phallic shaped underwater vehicles *

In the Navy…

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I don’t think a whale would intentionally try to attack a sub, and even if it hits a boat it probably was inintentional, and meant for whatever it was killing. I don’t know, I imagine it could do some damage.

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How do they compare in size?

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crap, my post is supposed to say “unintentional”

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My fiancee is a submariner… I have asked him about whales and he said they have hit one once… and it was dead in seconds.

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This was the closest I could find. I don’t think a whale would survive a collision with a submarine.

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I think they’d be ok, it’s MegaShark they should look out for.

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As a former submariner I can say that a the sub will win that batlle easy…

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@Staalesen- I don’t know about that. Midget sub versus Blue whale? I’m going with the whale.

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I talked to a former navy submariner today about this. He told me the chances of actually hitting a whale are very dismal. He said even if you were to go straight towards said whale, the force of the water being pushed around the sub by its forward thrust would move the whale. (sorry i couldnt explain this better, i forgot all the big words he used today) He also said if the sub actually did somehow collide with the whale it would be dead in seconds and in his time in the navy he did hit a few large animals. And while he said it was scary as shit, ultimately nothing on the sub was damaged and the animal was dead. Last he said because of the subs sonar you’d see the whale coming from quite a distance so avoiding it all together wasnt a difficult task.

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@AstroChuck Depends… does the mini sub have a tacktcal nuke or HE torpedoes ? :p

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