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My brother pushes our sister around a lot What do i say to make him stop?

Asked by BrEeT (8points) July 4th, 2009

ok i am 19 and my bro is 17, our sis is 14 and my bro pushes her around a lot.
She’s only small and yeah we do pick on her but he goes a bit far, she is sometimes left with bruies off him.
I dont want to seem boring, but i do want it to stop.
our parents think its normal sibling stuff
how do i get my bro to leave her alone ?

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Be the older brother and set a good example—leave your younger sister alone. If you do, hopefully, he’ll lay off, too.

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You’re the eldest child. Set your brother straight.
Secondly, why are you picking on your sister at all? She’s 14 and you’re a grown man.

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Intervene. She’s your little sister. You shouldn’t be letting anyone hurt her, even if it is your brother.

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Tell him to behave, you are older and he may follow your lead, if you are teasing your sister then he may feel its ok to do so, his bounderies are probably not the same as yours and that can lead to takig it too far. Set the example and be nice to your sister!

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Ideally- if it would work- it would be great to simply tell him to stop.
A 17 year old should NOT be hitting a girl at ALL let alone leave a bruise.

However if that does not work I would give him a bruise back for every bruise he gives her. Keep in mind I think outside the box and give bullies back what they dish out. If you follow my latter advice you could get into trouble yourself.

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Harmless roughhousing between siblings is normal (though it usually tapers off by your age). However, your brother is hurting your sister… and at his age, there is no excuse for that. Tell him I said knock it off… or else.

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It would be wise to curtail his frame of mind that it is just my little sister before it evolves to it is just my girlfriend/wife.

His behavior needs to stop. You are helping him in the long run by not allowing this to continue.

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Every time he hits your sister, kick him in the nuts.

How would you like it if some other guy was hitting your sister? As @peyton_farquhar said – as the brother, you are your sister’s shield. Protect her.

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The eldest sibling is supposed to set the rule, and supposed to lead by example, and if that fails, he should be knocking the stuffing out of his younger brother for hitting a girl. And if you make augustlan come down there, expect me to be there as well, willing to break your eardrums through the sheer power of my voice. Now you damn kids knock it off!

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I wonder if you ever pushed him around?

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Would you guys treat your mother the way you treat your sister? I’m guessing the answer is no. Then don’t treat your sister this way.

At your age, I’m sure you have used the line, “I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult.” Then act like one. Stop acting that way and stop your brother. He is way too old to treat her like this and he may be abusing her, if he’s harming her enough to bruise her.

Both of you, cut it out.

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I really wanted to say, “stand up for your sister and kick his ass, but I thought maybe I might get hollered at for inciting child abuse :-) Maybe, just be quite menacing to him if he threatens your sister.

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Frankly I feel sorry for this girl who has to put up with two piss-poor excuses for older brothers.

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Really, aren’t older brothers supposed to PROTECT their baby sister from bullies?

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@Judi – I was under the same impression. I can’t believe two boys, not men…not with this kind of behavior, would pick on a 14 year old girl. It’s ridiculous.

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Beat the crap out of your brother. Let him know what it feels like. Whether this method works or not, it’ll still be entertaining for you, no?

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That’s your sister! She’s not a homeless person! Stand up for her. You’re a grown man, let alone, the older sibling. Beat the shit out of little brother if he doesn’t get it.

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