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What do you think about the country of Indonesia?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) July 5th, 2009

I need your opinions about this country.
How about the image of this country to you.

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You need our opinions? Hmm… Homework?

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I have been to Bali and Jakarta several times. Bali is a tourist destination but once out of the main towns, it is very old and not touristy. It is a beautiful country, fantastic food, for the most part, warm kind people, unbelievable beaches and fishing. I love it.

The Bali bombings were a worry but no longer bothers Aussie tourists for the most part.

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honestly, the first thing i think of is an episode of lizzie mcguire, in which there was an exchange student from indonesia…wish i could be of more help!

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yes… something like homework…

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You might have better luck if you ask some questions about Indonesia.


What is the main religion of Indonesia?
Where is Indonesia located?
Is the food from Indonesia the best, or the greatest?

I’m assuming you are collecting data about how others see Indonesia. If you just want facts try wikipedia.

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Corrupt and dangerous if you’re a resident. Fine if you’re a tourist as you’re spending money to fund the corruption

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I’d like to visit some day because my dad and grandmother were born there, and it seems like an interesting country in general. I know really little about it though. With more specific questions we could probably give better views.

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Every local I have met there has been really great

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Messy democratic system.. That’s what I think anyway.

For some reason corruption also comes to mind. And anti-Chinese sentiments (although I think that it’s dying down now). Deforestation on a mind-boggling scale and a haze-causing country too.

But of course, for what it’s worth, Indonesia does have an amazing biodiversity. It has the highest mountain in Oceania (with glaciers on the slope [amazing isn’t it? Glaciers in an equatorial place]).

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Indonesia’s so diverse that it’s hard to have some unified discrete thought about it.

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I mean, it’s an island chain. An awkward way to organize a “nation”. The next-to-last president actually had to impose a common language. Guess how well that works. (Reasonably well in Bali, except for older people who didn’t bother.)

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