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What do you think is the most beautiful country in the world?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 28th, 2010

I think it’s Japan.
Japan has such a good mix of futuristic cities, and beautiful landscapes.
I would love to live there, like in Osaka, and have access to places like this. The best of both worlds. Citylife and country.
In your opinion, what’s the most beautiful country, and why?

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Scotland is of course!

South Uist

Loch Fyne

The Isle of Skye

The West coast of Scotland is simply stunning….

I hope all the links work

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I vote for the US, just for the variety. You can find just about anything, mountians, Great Lakes, plains, etc.

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China has a lot of nice landscapes , and as its so big, there is lots of it.

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I gotta say USA. From the Alaskan frontier to the tropical Islands of Hawaii, there is such a wide variety of all forms of beauty for the eye to behold.

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Italy on my mind. the air is clean and fresh. the countryside is gorgeous with vineyards as far as the eye can see. the people are truly friendly and willing to help and they love thier children, your children, my children. a ten day vacation convinced me that maybe we should move to Italy and die of old age with a bottle of Italy’s best vino each hand. what a way to go!

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While it’s not technically a country, the most beautiful place has got to be Antarctica. It’s the place that has been least impacted by man, and remains mostly untouched. The extremely harsh conditions and wildlife there make it incredibly unique and beautiful, in my opinion. I truly hope I’m able to visit there someday.

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There is so much beauty in the world that I can see the arguments for most of the places you have put up.

I can make arguments for a lot of other countries too.

For example, Greece:



Myrtos Beach

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From what I have seen, Scotland. Loch Ness is my favourite place in the world.

I love what I have seen of America (Nevada was stunning I thought).

Greece is beautiful as is Italy.

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I do not know. I will tell you after I have visited everywhere.

So many places have their own unique beauty.

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Australia. I openly admit to being biased on this matter.
What more could you want?

Peru and Bolivia are fantastic, but there is nothing like home, and my bias remains.

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Other than South Africa’s natural landscapes (veld etc) (i love nature), i’d say maybe Switzerland covered in snow during winter time? This is the first one that came to mind.

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Iceland and Zambia.

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You can find the true answer in England’s green & pleasant land of course!! On days that it’s not raining that is :¬)

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I love England and Scotland. Scotland has some fantastic seascapes and meadows. Australia was stunning, the beaches in particular.

I’d love to see Brazil. I imagine the rainforests have a lot to recommend them, scenery-wise, and with the Amazon, to boot.

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Because I have only been to Canada and Mexico. I live in the US. I have a hard tme decideing between US and Canada. I have only seen pictures of the other places.

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I have to say my own country England. Only a small country, but full of history… castles… stately homes… green fields… the list goes on and on.

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Canada (biased, but, really, it’s gorgeous)

Beautiful Canada

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I’ve been there twice and I also vote for New Zealand.

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I think Japan and New Zealand are the most beautiful countries in the world. I’m not suprised many people said New Zealand but I’m suprised not many people said Japan. If you look for pictures of New Zealand or Japanese landscapes and stuff you’ll be sure to be seeing really beautiful things.

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My choice would have to be a unique new place made up of my favorite most beautiful spots from all the countries I have visited. It is too hard to just choose one.

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I would like to say England but there’s too many people, too many roads and too many cars & lorries here now. I’ll add another vote for New Zealand.

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you guys are sooo original (sarcastic way of saying it)

Nobody has mentioned Russia??? Ukraine? Brazil? Argentina? Hungary? Kazakhstan? Georgia? (my favorites)
but hey there is a difference between Adventurous and beautiful…..also a big difference between Vacation/pleasure and Work/business

The question should be: What is your favorite country for vacationing and and for living?
Antarctica of course…LOL

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I loved living in Japan and found it to be a beautiful country in so many different ways. I would go there again in a heartbeat.

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