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How do I secure my wireless router?

Asked by SarahL (5points) December 8th, 2006
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Tough to answer this quickly. I recommend listening to, or reading the transcript of, the Security Now podcast on this topic. Very instructive!
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If you want a quick high level answer, just go into your router settings (as specified in your router manual) and make sure you enable WPA authentication. Then pick a good password (random assortment of 14-20 characters, symbols, and numbers). I would also change the admin login password for the router to a separate, equally complex password. The most important thing here is to choose WPA or WPA2; most routers default to WEP. DO NOT EVER USE WEP. I personally have cracked WEP routers in less than 3 minutes; the encryption is a total joke. There are other, more complex things that you can do to secure your router and home network but for the average person this is the basic solution.
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Add an encryption code, such as WEP

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