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What do you think of people answering "42" to any question?

Asked by answers4u (7points) July 5th, 2009
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Um, what!!!?!?!?

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It’s good for a chuckle, and makes reference to a phenomenal writer, the late Douglas Adams.

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They are right!

The Game

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@johnpowell “It’s giving you these answers. I think you ought to know I’m very depressed.”

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They’re trying to tell the rest of us one of the following:

- The atomic number of molybdenum
– The angle in degrees for which a rainbow appears
– 42 is the title of a song by Philadelphia based jam/electronica band The Disco Biscuits
– 42 is one of The Numbers – 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 – featured in Lost
– 42 is an episode of Doctor Who, set in real time lasting approximately 42 minutes
– In the television series and movie The X-Files, lead character Fox Mulder lives in apartment number 42
– In the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) has 42 decks
– 42 is the name of Buzz Lightyear’s space ship from Pixar’s animated science fiction series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
– In an episode of “House M.D” Dr. House claims that his favorite number is 42
– In Notting Hill, the parking space in front of the bookstore is numbered 42
– In the reiser4 file system, 42 is the inode number of the root directory
42 is the result given by the web search engines Google and Wolfram Alpha when the query “the answer to life the universe and everything” is entered as a search
– 42 is the number of the French department Loire

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Douglas Adams makes many references to digital watches.
42 in binary code is 101010.

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@ragingloli thanks, now I just lost! ah

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On a related note, I went to a Catholic school for one year in elementary.

One day I overheard a priest tell the principal, “Jesus is always the answer.”

Already the eternal smart-ass, when the next math test swung by I answered “Jesus” for every question.

I failed that test.

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It’s as annoying as hell

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I think it’s not conducive to thoughtful discussion to repeat a tired line from an old Douglas Adams work. I think people here are looking for more.

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I tend to use it in place of “I don’t know.”

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Hey, it’s not like I answer every question with the droll reply of 42. Sometimes, it works so I use it. And some of you people need to lighten up a little, you are taking yourself far too seriously – no one gets out of here alive you know.

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Damn people still play The Game?!

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I’m with evelyns_pet_zebra, both posts. Though I am probably disqualified from answering this question, as my answer of “42” to the asker’s previous question likely brought this one about.

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Or maybe not, as the asker appears to be some sort of robot.

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I think they’re trying desperately to be cool, and failing.

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@cwilbur In my case, it usually means that I believe the question is meaningless, or any answer to it would be random.

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something about some book saying it’s the meaning of life/ the answer for the “ultimate question” They take this and try to be funny with it.

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It was cute the first time.

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@lefteh Good Catch – the asker is some kind of spam bot.

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@applesaucemanny I think you got it.

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I think it’s a free country and you can say “42” any time you want. Besides, I like Douglas Adams, too.

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42 yeah! i dont 42 see anything 42 wrong with 42 saying forty 42 two! You 42 guys are so 42 overdramatic. 42

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