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Would you, could you, live in the desert?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) January 6th, 2010

I’m thinking about the sort of desert that you find in the American Southwest, with or without such conveniences as air conditioning, etc.

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No, I don’t like sand.. :p

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If it has electricity, I can live anywhere.

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Absolutely yes. I love the heat. I would prefer some ability for a fan or such, but I am a warm blooded person.

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If all of my 3 basic needs fulfilled easily, then i will definitely live in desert..

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No. Too hot (anything above 30 degrees makes me want to die), to dry, no internet. And scorpions.

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@ragingloli – Gona be 40 celcius on the weekend for me :p

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I dunno. They have missile silos there. I’ve always wanted to live in an abandoned missile silo. I would make one room a raquetball court.

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Sometimes I have idle thoughts about what it would be like to live off the land in the desert, be one with nature, that sort of thing. I don’t think I could hack it, though. I think I’m more of a visiting the desert type of person. I really like places that are cool and rainy.

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If I was shown how to, why not? It looks like a very peaceful way of life.

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Anything over 25 C is to hot for me!

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@Dr_Lawrence You find 77 degrees Fahrenheit too hot? Oh, that is just so limiting.

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No, I wouldn’t mind living in the desert. You mention having the modern conveniences. That’s great, but while you’re living in the desert, it would be a good idea to gather desert survivalist literature and become familiar with the material.

(One such book is Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places by Steve Brill.)

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I’d rather freeze in the Arctic than boil in the desert. Definitely not for me.

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NO. I need to live near a large body of water. I have never lived anywhere that was more than a mile or two away from major lakes or the ocean.

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After all the snow we are having in the UK… right now I would LOVE to live in the desert!!
I hate cold weather.

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Absolutely! I love the desert.I would love to see the Outback for sure…One thing about deserts,( Arctic or Sahara) they are very unforgiving of forces you to focus on how fragile you are, and your place in the scheme of things.

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i’m living in one right now.

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No way. I can’t take the heat, and I’d go insane with the landscape. Yick.

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I can tolerate the cold like nobody’s business, but the heat kills me. I worked for a week in Arizona this summer, and I think I lost 20 lbs all due to sweating. So, no, I could not live in a desert. That being said, I have wanted to explore it for a little while (in the cooler months) ever since reading Desert Solitaire.

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I like mountains, greenery and water – the desert not so much. Without air conditioning? No way!

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I like being here in NYC – I’d never trade it for anything

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Yes I could and in fact, I do. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and it doesn’t get to be desert any more than that unless you’re in the middle of Death Valley or maybe the Sahara. No, I cannot imagine living where I do now without air conditioning. In all honesty, you can’t live in parts of Arizona without air conditioning in the summer. Seriously.

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I could survive… but I wouldn’t like it one bit.

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@Nullo ; I love it I could do that in a heartbeat – earthquake & tornado proof, and plenty room for my hydroponics as well! ;)

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