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Where can I find a list of the top advertising agencies - by city?

Asked by bookpillow (5points) July 6th, 2009

Is there a directory of advertising agencies by city? I found this site, but it’s a mess (for instance, under Portland it lists nothing – I know there are tons of agencies there). I’m looking for something a little more comprehensive. Also, if I simply google “advertising agencies in [city]” it brings up a lot of skeazy “Marketing Firms” that don’t actually do any good work. I’d like to see the top agencies in each city, big and small.

I have also checked the AAF and AAAA websites. Unless I missed something.

Thanks all.

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Try this one. It is not precisely by city more by Metro area within state.

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Awesome resource, Marina. Thanks so much.

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Too be honest you need to narrow what type of agency you need. For example if you are looking for an interactive (online) agency you will want to look at different sources than if you were in need of a more traditional agency specializing in TV, Radio and Magazines.

Another factor is campaign budget. If your budget is $500k or higher it will drastically change the type of agency you will want to be working with.

Are you at liberty to give us anymore details? I have been working at agencies in the Seattle area for 6 years, so if your looking in Portland I could probably give you some reputable recommendations.

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@drClaw Just looking for a list of full service advertising agencies. Small, medium or large, as long as they do good work.

Not interested in places that only do interactive. Or only do graphic design, or only branding, etc.

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You can search on Google whatever search result show on the top means it is the best as compared to others.

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