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Are there any negative traits that you picked up from either one of your parents?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 6th, 2009

If so, what are they?

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I have a flare up temper. I am WAY better than my dad though. I worked on it young.

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My parents taught me discrimination…

When I moved away from them, I learned better.

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my short-temper from my dad…..that’s about it

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My mom is an over-eater. I struggle with the same thing.
Also, she has a quick temper- flares up fast but dies down just as quickly. I’m the same way but wish I wasn’t.

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Depression, over-eating, and a love for puns.

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A very strong liking to food!!!

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Having to be right, being stubborn

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Judgemental at times and a slight slant towards class consciousness from my mother. A slant towards hedonism from my father.

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I’m stubborn like my mom. It’s not that bad though. :)

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yes. my mom is an interrupter, turns out so am i.
she is also crazy stubborn, im working on not being crazy or stubborn.

dad talks too much… i talk too much on fluther.

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My dad is the ultimate cynic, I find myself fighting that outlook. He is also a horrible money manager, that is an unfortunate trait I took on.

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Oh God money management..I learned any skills in that arena all on my own also.

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I have a temper, anxiety, depression and a fairly pessimistic outlook. My father has all of those traits. I didn’t see him from age 1 until I was 21 so I question how much it had to do with him, but I don’t know where else they would have come from.

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I agree with @Facade, I say yes.

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I hate to lose a debate, just like my late Dad..thank God for Fluther where I can vent a bit..

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Yes, I have trouble letting things go and I hate feeling misunderstood. This is from my dad.

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My dad likes alcohol. So do I.

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From mom: A general suspicion of everyone/everything
From dad: Being stubborn

On the bright side, I’m really great at shopping for big ticket items. research and persistence. makes for some awesome deals.

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From Mom: A tendency to see the negative side of things and a passion for sweets. Also, a tendency toward depression which I’ve overcome in the last several years.

From Dad: A tendency to get grumpy at little setbacks (but not big ones). A pugnacious quality when arguing politics and others aren’t seeing it the “right” way. We used to call it my Dad’s “flared nostrils” stance.

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From my mom: Quick temper, even though I think mine is a tiny bit more mellow.

From my dad: I’m stubborn, big time. He beat me in the category; however, I’m a close runner-up.

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My stepfather’s ideal that the underdog is usually the good guy. Go with your guts and reason of when dealing with what is, not what you think should be. Hard hard lessons learned.

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From both parents: I worry more than I should about things.

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Being an overly protective mother – I’m currently working on this.

I also think my mother’s OC-like behaviour kind of rubbed on me. =(

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