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How can I get her to talk to me?

Asked by kellyrnld (2points) January 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

she is on then she is off

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Sorry mate. I don’t believe we can answer that question if you don’t give us more to go on.

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have you talked to her? or does she not know you exist?

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Send her a cake.

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Start slow, say hi to her when you pass by. She’ll get used to it and start saying hi back. Don’t push it. Start us a mini conversation, and let it grow from there.

This is assume you guys don’t know each other. If that’s wrong, I got nothing, sorry.

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She is on, then she is off? What, you’ve been dating on and off? Is she a robot? More info please.

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look like you are actually interested. turn off your cell phone, your gadgets, your sports. your porn. everything. take her to dinner and TALK. girls just want to feel like a guy cares and at least PRETENDS to understand them and care (i know cause i am a girl)

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