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I have taught my self to knit and am working on a baby blanket. The pattern says p2tog without slipping sts off needle, then k2tog over same sts. What does that mean?

Asked by memom (3points) January 3rd, 2008
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Is there a button hole or little space in the picture of blanket? After you p2tog., you have one stitch on needle. It is not very clear and I have been knitting for years. Is there a knitting shop near you?. Maybe w. the instructions in front of her, the expect could explain. Makes no sense to me.

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If I’ve got it right, here’s what you do: Bring your yarn to the front of the right needle (as you would for any purl stitch), and purl the first 2 stitches that are on the left needle. After purling those 2 stitches, keep them on the left needle (instead of transferring them as one new stitch to the right hand needle, which you would normally do when purling 2 stitches together), move your yarn to the back of the right hand needle, put your right hand needle into the back of the same two stitches that you’ve left on the left needle (the same 2 stitches that you have just purled), and knit them together. You end up with a “twist” to those 2 stitches that looks a bit like a small cable knit stitch. I think it will look lovely! Let me know if I’ve “over-explained” and have left you in more confusion. Good luck!

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